Shocking Exit from Network by Fox News Personalities

By Leonard Zhukovsky/shutterstock.comThere used to be a time when the news consisted of someone reading news stories in the evening so that people...

Military Lives Matter…the Newest Way to Make a Buck?

BOATFOTO / shutterstock.comBlack lives matter, of course they do. Blue lives matter, of course they do. And, of course, military lives matter. The problem with putting labels...

Even Dems Say Lincoln Project Should Be Dead

By Al Teich/shutterstock.comWhether the Democratic Party wants to realize it or not, the infamous Lincoln Project played a massive role in ensuring that former...

60% of People Polled Refuse To Support Biden Paying Illegals for Coming Here

ungvar / shutterstock.comThe left loves giving money away. They know how many votes they buy through this legal loophole. Why not buy them in...

Illegals Will Do Anything To Reach the Shores of Freedom

By Budimir Jevtic/shutterstock.comThe United States of America still is the greatest nation on the planet. The Democrats are entirely ignorant and blind to the...

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