Navy Stops Drag Queen Recruitment Program When It Discovers Enlistees Just Aren’t That Into Drag Queens

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All branches of the military have been failing to meet recruiting goals ever since the 2020 election was stolen and Joe “Mr. Popular ...Read More

CIA Caught Bribing Its Own Discovery Team to Change Its Findings About Origins of COVID 

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Republicans have intensified their inquiry into the origins of COVID-19, pressing the Biden administration and other key figures to ...Read More

Beijing Leaders Going Missing at Historic Levels

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As first reported by the Wall Street Journal on September 15th, Chinese defense minister Li Shangfu has disappeared out of nowhere l ...Read More

Rudy Giuliani Walks Out of 9/11 Ceremony Because of Kamala’s Disgraceful Behavior

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For the first time since 9/11 happened 22 years ago, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliana walked out of the remembrance ceremony ...Read More

NY Ammunition Background Checks Take Effect As Governor Hochul Makes NY Even Weaker

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Governor Kathy Hochul (D-NY) took things personally in 2022 by signing a metric ton of new gun initiative bills following a mass sho ...Read More

CIA Whistleblower: COVID’s Wuhan Origins Were Suppressed by Paying Off Analysts

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We’ve all known or at least supposed that COVID-19 originated in Wuhan, China, during a lab leak. But, according to a CIA whistleblo ...Read More


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To say there is some tension between Democratic President Joe Biden and the Democratic Mayor of New York City is putting it rather m ...Read More

Did NYC Mayor Just Snub Biden Multiple Times?

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For decades now, the rule in America was ‘the standard, is the standard, is the standard.” Simply put, it meant that everyone played ...Read More

Apparently, Word Counts Are Now Racist

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Everyone has been there a time or two. That souvenir or collectible you didn’t want to ship home, the family legacy tie, or video ca ...Read More

Only Took 22 Years, but TSA Finally Caught Stealing From Luggage

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Before United Auto Workers (UAW) union members could start walking off the job at midnight on September 15th, they made their list o ...Read More

Ford Draws a Line in the Sand: Advances in EVs Means More Than Paying Workers Properly

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Biden and his administration would love for you to believe that “Bidenomics” is a huge success, particularly as we head into 2024 an ...Read More

GA Declares State of Emergency Due to Bidenomics

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Imagine receiving a knock on the door only to be met by FBI agents. “We’re from the government, and we’re here to help.” This is a t ...Read More

Yeah, Right! The FBI “Just Wants Your Help”

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Despite her blind ambition and willingness to do literally anything for power, Kamala Harris has no talent or skills at anything. We ...Read More

Yuck: Kamala Harris Breaks Out Her Granny Dance Moves at White House Party

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For one young boy, the 2016 presidential debates were about far more than choosing the next leader of the free world. For 10-year-ol ...Read More

Meet The Forgotten Demographic: Young Voters and The Republican Teens Hoping to Recruit Them 

The left has gone on the offensive. They want to ensure that parents have no say about what happens to their children while in schoo ...Read More

VA Governor Pardons a Dad Who Was Arrested at a School Board Meeting
September 5th’s Medal Of Honor (MOH) ceremony for CPT Larry Taylor will go down in history as one of the most unique and horrific on ...Read More

Networks Forced To Abandon Transmission As Biden Walks out of MOH Ceremony

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Imagine building a toy electric car that came with a single battery that could never be swapped out. Once the battery dies for good, ...Read More

“I Had to Pee in a Bush” – The Trials of Being an Electric Vehicle Owner

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If you weren’t aware, the planet is dying, or at least at severe risk of doing so, according to science and the political left. And ...Read More

Bill Gates-Funded Group to Thin 70 Million Acres of Forest to Save the Planet