If You Interacted With Trump On Twitter, You’re On The List

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While you may not think an innocent retweet or comment on former President Donald Trump’s Twitter account (now known as X) is anyone ...Read More

AGs Call Out Biden for Plan That Would Ban Christians from Fostering Children

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Just about anyone with a lick of sense knows that the liberal left, by way of the Biden administration, has waged war on Christianit ...Read More

Poll: GenZ Wants Hollywood to Make More Action Movies, Not More Gay Propaganda

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Hollywood still can’t seem to figure out that moviegoers have no interest in having gay propaganda shoved in their faces—especially ...Read More

Is This Calcutta or San Diego? Airport Flooded by Migrants Fleeing

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Flying through San Diego, CA is insulting enough. Simply having to land, much less walk out into in the state of Commiefornia fills ...Read More

King Charles Invokes Medieval Law to Make Huge Profits

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Many would and have claimed that King Charles III is bringing England up to date, as his style of rule doesn’t follow the traditions ...Read More

With Killer Drones No Longer Just Fantasy, Where Is the Line?

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For decades, science fiction writers have made a mint off pushing the limits of technology and the mind’s concepts as far as it can ...Read More


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Ever since electric vehicle (EV) tax credits were introduced, they were given specifically with US-based companies in mind. Exempt f ...Read More

Biden Wants To Change the EV Tax Credit So Chinese Companies Can Profit

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Early on Thanksgiving morning, gunfire erupted outside a home on Vandalia Street in Memphis, Tennessee. Not something out of the ord ...Read More

Race-Based Bail Lets Memphis Murderer Walk Without Bail As He Awaits Trial

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If you pay attention to many of the presidential polls, it shows that Trump is in the lead by 40 or even 50%. That means that if eve ...Read More

Haley Gets Another Big Endorsement, Will It Even Matter?

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New York’s leftwing Governor Kathy Hochul (D) has vetoed a bipartisan bill that would have spent $35 million to create a new task fo ...Read More

NY Retailers Lose $4.4 Billion Thanks to Democrats’ Shoplifting Amnesty

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Live Nation Entertainment and their Ticketmaster subsidiary have been subpoenaed by the Senate. Reportedly, Sen. Richard Blumenthal ...Read More

Live Nation and Ticketmaster Will Finally Face the Music

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Since May 2020, people have been talking about the death (some would call it murder) of Minneapolis resident and career criminal Geo ...Read More

Ex-Cop Chauvin Appeals Murder Conviction for Death of George Floyd

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A leftwing District Court Judge in Colorado has ruled that the Insurrection Clause of the 14th Amendment does not apply to president ...Read More

Trump Wins Colorado Case – No Insurrection, He’ll Be on the Ballot

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As I’m sure you know, the political left would love to eradicate our right to free speech. Leave it to New York Liberal Governor Kat ...Read More

Dem Gov to Ramp Up Social Media “Surveillance Efforts”

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Following in Hunter Biden’s footsteps, former Secretary of State and CIA Director Mike Pompeo has taken a fat board position for wha ...Read More

Former CIA Director Mike Pompeo Takes a Fat Board Position with Ukrainian Cellphone Company

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As President Biden looks at the illegal immigration problem along our borders, he isn’t doing anything to fix it. There is no rush a ...Read More

Finland Once Again Doing What the US Won’t

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It seems the left never tires of revamping its list of the most significant terrorist threats facing the United States. The list kee ...Read More

Wray Testifies That The New “Biggest Threats” To U.S. Are Radicalized Lone Wolves 

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As you likely know by now, former President Donald Trump has been issued a gag order. But as 19 state attorneys general claim, it’s ...Read More

19 State AGs Join to Help Trump