Biden to Finally Act on the Border

    Sherry V Smith /
    Sherry V Smith /

    We all know and have known for quite a while that something needs to be done about our nation’s immigration/border crisis. For President Joe Biden, it seems he’s only now come to that conclusion and appears willing to do something about it.

    In fact, according to a recent interview with Univision, he’s considering an executive order to finally begin limiting eligibility to apply for asylum for incoming migrants. The order would disqualify any and all asylum seekers who illegally crossed into the U.S.

    However, as Biden told Univision’s Enrique Acevedo, there are concerns that Biden doesn’t have the power to give such an order without Congressional support.

    Now, I know that’s never stopped him before. But maybe he’s finally learning from his past mistakes. You know, the ones where he’s issued an executive order only for the courts to reverse it due to his lack of power.

    Then again, the far more likely reason is that it is an election year, and Biden and his staff have finally realized that what he’s been doing so far in concerns to executive orders and the border crisis isn’t winning him any votes.

    In fact, according to a Gallup poll taken near the end of February, most Americans point to immigration as the number one problem our nation is facing at present.

    And in a separate question, a “record-high 55 percent of U.S adults, up eight points from last year, say that ‘large numbers of immigrants entering the United States illegally’ is a critical threat to U.S. vital interests,” the poll company says.

    Of course, all this coincides with Biden’s abysmal approval ratings.

    Needless to say, Biden has realized that if he doesn’t do something fast, he could very well lose the 2024 election.

    But as I mentioned, the question is whether or not he actually has the power to do what he’s proposing now. Of course, that isn’t the only option available to him.

    As you know, he’s proclaimed for years now that he’s “done all I can do” to manage the border. It’s true; he may not have the power to do it all. However, he could not sue states that are trying to secure their borders. He could stop enacting programs to give more illegal immigrants access to the U.S., like his new parole program. He could finish the wall. The list goes on and on.

    Perhaps if he’d done any one of these or a few, he wouldn’t be in the spot he’s now, a place where he’s admitted that the border problem is beyond manageable at the moment. He’d likely also have a whole lot more support from American voters.

    It shouldn’t have taken bad poll numbers to get him to this decision. He should have always strived to put Americans, our safety, and national security first from the get-go. But seeing as how that is a Trump goal, Biden is doing everything but that.

    If Biden does go through with this executive order, the likelihood is that it will be finalized by the end of April, according to Axios.

    It’s too little too late if you ask me.