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Video: Iran-Backed Rebels Easily Sink Another Tanker on Joe Biden’s Watch

Houthi rebels sank another tanker ship in the Red Sea last week using a new tactic. A kamikaze drone boat packed with explosives rammed...
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Whistleblower Bombshell: GOP Leaders React to Alleged Hunter Biden Retaliation

A group of prominent Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives is expressing serious concerns about allegations that the IRS is taking retaliatory actions...
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CEO Of Hot Artificial Intelligence Startup Announces ‘Meritcracy’

Alexandr Wang, the CEO of the rapidly growing artificial intelligence startup Scale AI, has garnered commendations from notable peers including Elon Musk for his...
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Morgan Freeman Can’t Believe We Still Need ‘Ridiculous’ Black History Month

Morgan Freeman has once again voiced his disapproval of Black History Month, expressing his dissatisfaction with the concept. "I detest it," the 87-year-old actor expressed...
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Biden’s $50 Billion Ukraine Aid: Claims Russia Will Cover The Costs

PUGLIA, Italy - G7 leaders agreed to a rather bold move, deciding to use frozen Russian assets to pay for Ukraine's war effort. The...
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Luxury on Skid Row? Inside the New Taxpayer-Funded High-Rise for the Homeless

Taxpayers are footing the bill for a swanky new high-rise in Los Angeles where homeless residents will enjoy skyline views, a cafe, a gym,...
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Pelosi’s Stunning Admission Regarding Capitol Riot Security Uncovered

So, it turns out Nancy Pelosi's been caught red-handed admitting she dropped the ball on Capitol security during the riot. Classic move, blaming others...

Trump Sent Vetting Paperwork to 7 VP Contenders

  We've been anxiously awaiting who Trump will choose as his VP. Now, vetting paperwork has been sent to seven contenders. Find out who it's down...
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Are EVs REALLY the Future?

Are the EVs helping the environment like climate activists claim they are? Share your thoughts with a quick poll: Can't see the poll? Click HERE.
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Veterans Betrayed: House Dems Reject Amendment for Gun Protection

House Democrats made a decisive move by voting against safeguarding the Second Amendment rights of certain veterans who've already served their time in the...