Dozens of Young Men Dying in Ukraine While Trying to Flee the Draft

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    More than 650,000 young men have fled Ukraine to avoid being drafted to fight in Joe Biden’s proxy war against Russia. The state-run media outlet in Ukraine, which is under the control of dictator Volodymyr Zelensky, is now warning that dozens of draft dodgers have been dying while trying to get out of the country. This is being reported as a deterrent to keep additional men from fleeing Joe Biden’s war.

    Ukrinform, the state-run news outlet, reports that at least 30 young men have died while trying to cross the border to get out of the country. The report also states that the government has identified at least 450 human trafficking groups that is helping facilitate escapes in exchange for hefty fees.

    Human traffickers around the globe are sincerely hoping Joe Biden gets reelected in November. He’s been great for business.

    SkyNews interviewed one of the human traffickers. He told the news outlet that it costs $6,000 to be taken to a border crossing on foot. They give a $2,000 discount, however, to anyone who agrees to try to swim across a river.

    “If the person says they can’t swim, we have equipment for that, but there’s an additional payment involved,” explained the human trafficker who is being enriched by Joe Biden.

    At least 24 men have died while attempting to cross the Tysa River along the border with Romania. It’s unclear how many have died attempting to cross through mountain passes, but the number is likely much higher than 30.

    “When you explain to them that there are some risks, they don’t want to hear about it,” said the human trafficker. “They just want to build a life for themselves.”

    Here’s a video of the Ukrainian border patrol fishing dead bodies out of a river after young men died trying to escape from Joe Biden’s pointless war: