Hip-Hop Star Remakes Classic Song to Hammer Hunter Biden


These days, people are always remaking songs, movies, etc., and while not all of them turn out any better, this one sure has some serious flare.

We all remember Afroman’s 2001 hit “Because I Got High,” right?

Well, apparently, he’s just remade it to skewer Hunter Biden, the president, and pretty much the entire liberal left.

“Hunter Got High” was released on Friday by Nashville-based Baste Records. In it, Afroman raps about things like Hunter Biden’s scandalous laptop, cocaine found at the White House, China, Ukraine, the Secret Service, and Joe Biden’s unrelenting faith in his “smartest” son.

He sings lines such as “Ukraine wasn’t part of the plan, till Hunter got high. China wasn’t that big of a fan, till Hunter got high,” and “He got more LLCs than Jon Gotti’s ex-wife.”

Perhaps one of the best lines is, “He was going to get his laptop fixed, but Hunter got high.”

Afroman even gets a bit personal at the end, pointing out the hypocrisy of the political left when concerned with Hunter’s criminal escapades but showcasing the wrongs of everyone else, including Afroman himself.

Check it out for yourself.

To be sure, it’s pretty good. It’s also pretty damning to a president and his family who still attempt to claim they are transparent and bringing decency back to the White House.

It’s nice to see the Baste Records, Afroman’s label also supports not only the song but the sentiment held in it. In a statement to the Daily Caller, they said, “With the Democrats playing dirty and employing lawfare against Trump, it’s time for conservative artists to enter the cultural arena and call out the corruption of the Biden administration.”

Of course, conservative artists should have been standing up all along. But better late than never, I guess.