BIG: Panama Elects Conservative President Who Promises to Shut Down Immigration Routes

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The United States isn’t the only country that is being maliciously destroyed by Joe Biden’s open border policy. Citizens of Panama are absolutely fed up with the constant trail of illegal aliens traipsing through their country and destroying everything in their path. They’re so upset, in fact, that the people just elected a conservative president who is promising to shut down the illegal alien pathways through the country.

José Raúl Mulino was just elected on Sunday in Panama’s presidential election. He beat the next closest contender by more than 10% of the vote. Running as a “Save Panama” candidate, Mulino promised the voters that he would shut down the notorious Darien Gap jungle trail.

The Darien Gap is a roadless section of jungle connecting Panama to Colombia. Millions of illegal aliens have traversed the Gap on their journey to the US-Mexico border. The mounds of garbage and human poop along the trail are so big that you can practically see them from space.

After years of relentless illegal immigration that’s being encouraged by Joe Biden, the natural environment in Panama has been devastated. It’s also awful for the people of Panama. Their country is tiny, yet they have millions of obnoxious and belligerent criminals walking through like they own the place.

Human Rights Watch has actually had the nerve to criticize Panama for not doing more to make life easier for Biden’s illegal aliens. As if every country is supposed to be thrilled about millions of unvetted terrorists and child molesters traipsing through its neighborhoods.

The pro-illegal alien groups aren’t going to like what happens next if newly elected President Mulino keeps his word. If Mulino seals the Panamanian border with troops, it will reduce the flow of illegal aliens into America. That’s good news for us and the people of Panama.