Treasury Secretary Thinks Americans Are Doing “Very Good” Under Biden

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Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen sat down with CNBC and their infamously liberal host Sara Eisen. Feeding Yellen a lie and a great lead, Eisen suggested that the economy hold its ground no matter what the Federal Reserve does. Naturally, Yellen pounced on the opportunity to pour on the praise for Bidenomics and its impacts.

“I think that we’ve got a good, strong economy. We’ve got very strong domestic demand. Consumers are holding up. Some low-income consumers are perhaps exhausting their buffers of saving[s] that they built up during the pandemic, we’re seeing a little bit more distress at the household level there. But, generally, households are in very good financial shape. Our financial system is generally quite strong. I don’t — things can always happen. There’s always recession risk. Geopolitical developments could create risk to our economy. But I think we’ve got a good, strong economy that’s on a solid track.”

From this comment alone, it is crystal clear that Yellen has no clue what a strong economy should look like. It’s a struggling economy if you aren’t already at the top end and in bed with the liberal agenda. Those who have been able to sustain themselves in this economy are persistently finding themselves paying significantly more to get a lot less. For decades, the quality of food and products has gone down as we go to foreign production. In turn, prices had stayed down, and people made that sacrifice willingly.

Now, thanks to the Biden agenda, the prices have skyrocketed, with quality going down across the board. It’s becoming a no-win on making purchases in this economy, and many of them are “need” based purchases, too.

Adding insult to injury, she talks about low-income consumers having buffers, nobody who was low-income was building a buffer. Their jobs closed, and they didn’t get paid. There was no remote work for a cook, a waitress, or a mechanic. Guess what? Bills and food still needed to be paid. So, any buffer they may have been fortunate enough to have (most didn’t) is now gone. As a result, credit use and interest rates are both up too. That’s not in good financial shape, and again only serves to protect the elite.

Being this out of touch is just more proof that Biden nor the people he surrounds himself just don’t care about Americans.