Couple Busted for Videos of Children and Man’s Best Friend in the Most Heinous of Scenes

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    When police arrested William Mitchell Keen on March 13th at a Spring, Texas HEB, it was already an incredibly heinous crime. Following kids around the store while furiously masturbating, officers detained him and thus began their in-depth investigation.

    As San Angelo Live reported, “Following a successful apprehension and subsequent investigation led by Constable Ryan Gable’s detectives, additional charges of “Indecency with a Child by Exposure” were filed against William Keen after several of the young victims were identified.

    The investigation further revealed deeply troubling evidence when a search warrant executed on Keen’s phone uncovered multiple images of child sexual assault material. Video content discovered on the device implicated Joely Keen, William’s spouse, in acts of bestiality involving the couple’s Great Dane… During the operation, the Constable’s Office rescued the Great Dane involved, along with two other dogs, from potential further abuse.”

    Two children aged 18 and 10 were also taken from the residence during the investigation. These two kids were placed in the care of family members following their parents being locked up. Neighbors described the couple as a pair of animal enthusiasts, which is more disturbing than we can even say, given the type of video content that was discovered.

    Investigators come across some of the worst kinds of people in their line of work, and these two are some of the most perplexing. While the child porn is certainly reprehensible and disturbing on its own, the inclusion of the wife with a Great Dane is something far more disturbing.

    To say that it is uncommon and unexpected would be a horrific understatement. Hopefully, now, these kids and pets will be safe from future vile and disturbing acts.