Pelosi Tries To Say the US People Owe Funding and Support to Ukraine

    Asatur Yesayants /
    Asatur Yesayants /

    Representative Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) dropped in on MSNBC’s “All In” recently. While there, she used their platform to target Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) and Republicans in control of the House. In her eyes, they have made the US look like fools on the international stage for not handing Ukraine a blank check to fund their war.

    “It is a very important, busy time for all of us to talk about democracy. Their dysfunction is an impediment to democracy. In Ukraine, we are really at a very critical place we have been for a while. They keep saying they are going to do it. We’ll do it when we come back, we will do it next week and all the rest. But this is very serious. Ukraine, the people of Ukraine have been so courageous they fought for their democracy and doing so for democracy writ large. The world has understood that Russia should not be violating the sovereignty and the borders of Ukraine.”

    Droning on, she tried to insist that the only reason Republicans weren’t following her lead was because Russian interference had made them afraid. To her, the House of Representatives has given the US a black eye on the national stage because of their lack of action. Refusing to look at what the liberals have done to this nation, her lack of attention to the problems here in the US is disappointingly insulting.

    It is Pelosi and her stooges that have made the US look weak, ill-prepared, and unable to govern itself on the global stage. More to the point, her assertion that the US owes Ukraine anything is absurd. We have given to them again and again. Our countrymen have volunteered to go there to serve, with many coming home in body bags. If anything, Ukraine owes the US, and the debt racks up by the day.