Biden Refuses To Allow Cops To Grieve So He Can Push His Agenda

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    Syracuse Police Officer Michael Jensen and Onondaga County Lt. Sheriff’s Deputy Michael Hoosock paid the ultimate price in a shootout earlier this month. With the city and local PD still reeling from the attack, President Biden chose to move forward with his plans for an April 25th visit. Jeff Moran, the president of the Syracuse Police Benevolent Association, the union of the officers who paid the ultimate price, says that the President isn’t paying attention to the timing of his visit.

    “The department expressed their concerns to the Biden administration regarding his visit, and the quick turnaround of a Syracuse police officer being buried, and an Onondaga County Sheriff’s deputy being buried, and then the manpower that it would take and everything that our members have been through in the past week. Those concerns were expressed to the Biden administration and the Biden administration elected to move forward with the visit.”

    Syracuse Police Department Chief Joseph Cecile also expressed concerns in a statement he gave the Daily Caller. While he says he never asked the White House to postpone the visit, he did warn the Secret Service about the logistical challenges this presents. Specifically, the challenges that involve providing proper coverage given their recent losses.

    Rep. Brandon Williams (R-NY), on the other hand, has no problem telling the President to delay this visit. He acknowledges the need to recognize the CHIPS and Science Act and announce a grant delivered by the legislation. He went as far as offering to make this a bipartisan announcement, but wants Biden to delay the visit. Multiple other congressional reps have echoed his sentiments.

    A decision to delay such a visit should be a no-brainer. While this part of NY doesn’t get the kind of political visits that NYC does, they shouldn’t suffer just to get one. Make this a safer event by allowing law enforcement to grieve properly and not be in charge of your safety while grieving. It won’t necessarily earn you more votes, but then again, neither do your appearances.