Drunk Driving Senior Kills Two Kids, Injures Scores More at Birthday Party

    Andy Dean Photography / shutterstock.com
    Andy Dean Photography / shutterstock.com

    As a group of youngsters and their parents gathered at Swan Boat Club in Berlin Township, Michigan, a danger lurked just outside. An unidentified 66-year-old woman was getting bombed just down the road and was headed right for them. Striking the northward-facing wall, the drunk plowed 25 feet inside the establishment before coming to rest, according to a release from Sherriff Troy Goodnough.

    When first responders arrived on scene, 15 people required immediate medical attention, with 9 (3 kids and 6 adults) being rushed away by ambulance or helicopter. Several more who sustained less significant injuries were transported by private vehicle to other neighboring hospitals. “Unfortunately, two of the victims were pronounced deceased at the scene. This includes an eight-year-old female and a five-year-old male, who are siblings.”

    Initial reports indicate that the woman has been drinking at a local bar. When asked about this the Sheriff replied, “We have information that she may have been there, yes. We went in. We shut the business down, and we’re in the process of executing a search warrant for information as to their business conducted at that day.”

    Driving drunk like this is already inexcusable. Tooling around near a pond while drunk and then driving with enough speed to plow 25 feet inside a building in the process is just irresponsible and deserves some serious reactions. From what Goodnough illuded to during his press conference, it seems like those who had their lives turned upside down by this were (rightfully) incredibly emotional. This may have made things more difficult, but again, given the situation, it’s hard to blame them.