Biden Word Salad Gives Voters Another Reason to Choose Trump


If he weren’t such a dangerous radical communist, the stuff that Joe Biden spews out of his mouth every day would be easier to laugh at. During one of his pitifully small campaign stops in Florida this week, one of Biden’s verbal gaffes actually gave voters a good reason to choose Donald Trump in November!

Biden was in Florida to attack the state’s new pro-life law and delivered one of his rambling, angry speeches at Hillsborough Community College in Tampa. It looked like he drew a crowd of about 30 people (mostly reporters).

Here’s a fun game you can play at home whenever you hear that Joe Biden has staged another “campaign rally.” Check on Google Maps to see how far the rally venue is from the nearest venue. In this case, the Hillsborough Community College campus is directly across the street from Tampa International Airport. Old Joe is so decrepit that all they can do is haul him around on Air Force One and have him give speeches that are just steps away from the airport.

Most of Biden’s speech was the same typical garbage that he says every time. He hit all his usual talking points. The economy is wonderful, but Americans are just too stupid to realize it. Everything bad is Donald Trump’s fault. Blah blah blah.

But during one of his feeble attempts to dunk on Donald Trump, Biden’s brain malfunctioned, and he told voters why they should choose Trump instead of him. We couldn’t agree more.