Man Who Muzzled Wolf and Paraded it Around Gets Payback

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    As Christians, outdoorsmen, conservatives, etc., we have been entrusted with the world. Not to mindlessly rule it as we see fit, but be stewards of it, ensuring its survival long after we as individuals leave this Earth.

    It seems Cody Roberts of Daniel, Wyoming, has forgotten this, now to his worldwide shame.

    On Wednesday, Cowboy State Daily obtained several videos previously in possession of the Wyoming Game and Fish Department of a wolf that had been allegedly captured after it had been run down by a snowmobile.

    The animal, which inevitably had broken bones, probably internal bleeding, and could barely move on its own, had been muzzled and paraded through a local bar.

    The video showed a man, presumably Cody Roberts, posing with the wounded animal several times. Clips showed the wolf curled up on the bar floor, sitting beside a grinning man with a beer in hand, and later sprawled on the floor twitching. All with its mouth taped up and a rope around its neck.

    According to Cowboy State Daily, it is believed the man posing with the animal and the one who ran it down is Cody Roberts, a man who local authorities had identified on February 29 when the snowmobile allegedly ran over the wolf.

    Now, to be clear, wolves have grown in number significantly in Wyoming in recent years – enough so, in fact, that they are no longer included on the endangered species list. Additionally, like many other wildlife species, the state has allowed a hunting season for them.

    But what Roberts did was not legal or ethical in terms of hunting.

    For starters, it is not believed the snowmobile incident was an accident. And then, rather than put the animal out of its misery or even just leave it out in the woods to die, Roberts then bound the animal and proceeded to parade it through town and his favorite haunt.

    It’s animal cruelty at its finest.

    Finally, after being taken to the bar for hours on end, the animal was taken outside – to the bar parking lot – and fatally shot (another hunting violation.)

    Roberts only received a $250 fine for the whole ordeal.

    Luckily several other news outlets have picked up the story, including the UK’s Daily Mail, causing quite an uproar about Roberts’ actions. There is even a petition to have him charged with a felony.

    Personally, I hope it gets the signatures it needs. This is not how God intended us to treat his creations, and Roberts should pay for his injustice.