Tension Between Israel and Iran Could Put US Troops in Danger and Unable To Respond

    Just Life / shutterstock.com
    Just Life / shutterstock.com

    As tensions between Israel and Iran skyrocket, tensions are spilling out, and no longer just in Gaza as the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) takes on Iranian-backed Hamas. Now, the IDF has struck back at Iran head-on in Damascus, Syria. Using highly coordinated airstrikes, they targeted several members of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corp (IRGC), including a senior general of the Quds Force.

    In response to this attack, Iran has vowed revenge and even blacked the US as being culpable for them. Given Iran’s previous response against US troops across the Middle East through their various channels of terrorism, specifically in Iraq and Syria. Now, this leaves the globe in a strange vacuum.

    Simone Ledeen serves as a senior fellow at the Strauss Center for International Security and Law and was highly commended during her time as a Department of Defense (DOD) official. A combo that makes her expertise some of the best in the nation. Speaking with the Daily Caller, she said, “Considering Iran has been regularly conducting proxy attacks against U.S. troops in the region, an Iranian response to Israel’s strikes could just be more of the same. Unfortunately, we have failed to substantively respond to now. I believe there is a significant risk of further escalation.”

    In her expertise, one of the main focus points needs to be securing the freedom of the rest of the hostages being held by Hamas in Gaza. Mind you, once that happens, Hamas has little that will prevent the IDF from steamrolling the organization. Even if they are still hiding among the civilians. As this goes on, the IRGC will continue to surge their attacks on US troops, and they hope it will strain our relationship with Israel in the process.

    Sadly, Biden lacks the stones to do much in the situation, and barring a major advance from the IRGC or any other terror organization in the region, he is happy to maintain the status quo. In his mind, if we do anything, we are only making the situation worse.