It Only Took 41 Years To Get the Analysis Back on UFO Evidence at UK Roswell Crash

    Fer Gregory /
    Fer Gregory /

    Back in January 1983, a small Welsh village in Great Britain called Llanilar had their evening tranquility pierced by the should of a strange object flying into the trees. Repeatedly striking them in the dead of night, the object vanished before it was seen, but bits of metal were left behind.

    Author Mark Olly recently penned an update to his book “Europe’s Roswell: 40 Years Since Impact.” In the update, he says the six pieces of metal were scooped up by The Wales Federation of Independent Ufologists. Of those samples, three were sent to Australia and the US for research.

    Olly’s update reported, “Australia came in first as ‘Aluminums Foam’, partially agreeing with British Aerospace who back-in-the-day thought it was Aluminum in the form of Duralumin. America then returned their analysis as almost pure Lanthanum, an exotic and extremely expensive to produce metal on the new part of the periodic table.”

    In conclusion, Olly added, “So we had two different metals in unique and specific forms that were not known to have been developed by the late 1970’s or available for actual use back in 1983. So, was it one of ours, was it one of ‘theirs’, or was it some kind of back-engineered or hybrid technology?”

    Strangely enough, both the US and British governments were well known for their military testing in rural and even urban parts of the UK. Given the fact that these metals weren’t commonly available back in the 1970’s or even 1983 doesn’t mean they weren’t already experimenting with them. As history has shown us time and again, these two countries are well documented for having strange testing going on in both rural and urban parts of the country in that time frame.