DHS Chief Mayorkas Has To Face the Music for Illegals Being Told To Vote Biden

lev radin / shutterstock.com
lev radin / shutterstock.com

Rep. Dan Bishop (R-NC) held Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas to the truth about allegations that the Heritage Foundation’s Oversight Project distributed a flier to illegals to vote for Biden. When the Oversight Project posted the flier from Resource Center Matamoros, they attributed the initial find to the Mexican website Muckraker.

Bishop said, “The Heritage Foundation Oversight Project has released this document…which is said to read, in part, if translated, ‘Reminder to vote for President Biden when you are in the United States. We need another four years of his term to stay open.’ I understand that RCM has denied that this is authentic. There are competing reports about it. Let me ask you this: what actions is the Department of Homeland Security taking to ensure that, especially given the millions of illegal entries, including the two million got-aways, noncitizens are being prevented from registering and voting unlawfully?”

Mayorkas responded with a stroke of genius, saying that non-citizens aren’t allowed to vote. Refusing to call them illegals, he also ignored how a lack of required proof to vote in some jurisdictions makes it easy for them to ignore this law. Pushing people to vote who may not know better but can recognize ‘Biden’ on a ballot is a big problem. Especially as they are impacting the division of congressional seats, as well as federal and state funding for various programs.

He also tried pointing out that the DHS doesn’t have a hand in elections; they just protect the border, something he and those under him have failed at miserably.