1 Million Methodists Leave Church to Get Away from the LGBTQ+ Nonsense

    Kit Leong / shutterstock.com
    Kit Leong / shutterstock.com

    At its General Conference in May, the United Methodist denomination voted to allow clergy to engage in extramarital sex, adultery, and sodomy. Those are no longer chargeable offenses for ministers in the United Methodists. It turns out, however, that people who belong to a certain religion called “Christianity” are not okay with these new rules. As a result, more than 1.2 million Christians in the United Methodist Church in Ivory Coast left the denomination overnight after taking a vote last week.

    The departure of Eglise Méthodiste Unie Côte d’Ivoire means that United Methodism has lost 10% of its global membership through this single decision. It’s just the latest example of American progressivism invading a church and destroying it from within. How’s that for progress?

    The Ivorian United Methodists said that the main church prefers “to sacrifice its honor and integrity to honor the LGBTQ community” and, therefore, “deviates from the Holy Scriptures.” Bishop Benjamin Boni added that the United Methodists have abandoned the Bible and now rest on “socio-cultural values that have consumed its doctrinal and disciplinary integrity.”

    Would it surprise you to learn that Joe Biden’s regime and the State Department played an active role in this destruction of the United Methodists? It’s true!

    At the annual United Methodist General Conference, bishops from around the world come together to set church policy and other directives. This year’s General Conference took place in May in Charlotte, NC. Approximately 250 delegates were set to attend the conference, but that didn’t happen.

    The Biden regime and the State Department denied visas to approximately 90 conservative Christian bishops from African countries. More than a third of the delegates, who are all opposed to progressivism in the church, were not allowed into the US for the conference.

    The Biden regime currently allows illegal alien child rapists, serial killers, gang bangers, human traffickers, terrorists, spies, and commandos into the country and allows them to move into your neighborhood—no questions asked! But a group of conservative Christian ministers from overseas cannot even obtain a legal travel visa to come to the US for a few days. Terrorists are fine, but people who oppose the trans-mutilation of children are too dangerous!

    When it came time to vote on all the rainbow sodomy nonsense at the United Methodists’ conference, the progressives outnumbered the conservatives because of this maneuver by the Biden regime. It’s so slippery and underhanded that it smacks of collusion between the progressive leadership of the Methodists and the State Department.

    Since there were not enough conservative bishops to overcome the progressive votes, extramarital sex, adultery, and sodomy are now permissible for United Methodist ministers. It was sort of a taxation-without-representation situation, although in this case, it was sodomy-without-representation.

    This illustrates the growing frustration that Christian nations in Africa feel toward American progressivism creeping in and destroying the church. They want to follow the Bible and build strong communities the same way that America once did, but now the progressivism and the LGBTQ+ nonsense keep worming their way into African church denominations. (Hey, isn’t that the sort of “colonialism” that liberals are always bleating about?)

    The Methodists in Ivory Coast will now have to either become an independent Methodist church, separate from the rainbow mafia that has captivated the United Methodists or will have to join the more conservative Global Methodist denomination. Whichever direction they choose, all Christians should wish them well.

    Siding with the Bible instead of siding with Joe Biden and the trans agenda is always the right move.