Democrats Float Virtual Convention Idea to Avoid Mass Protests

    Oleksii Synelnykov /
    Oleksii Synelnykov /

    Joe Biden is so hated by his own voters that the Democrat Party is considering hosting a virtual convention like the one they had in 2020 while pretending to be afraid of the coronavirus. The Democrats are anticipating major protests from Democrat voters because of Biden’s mishandling of Israel’s war against Palestine.

    The DNC convention this summer is set to be held in Chicago. That should bring back memories for older Democrats. It was the year when Robert F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King, Jr. were both assassinated. Due to incumbent President Lyndon Johnson’s continued prosecution of the Vietnam War, Democrat voters rioted and caused chaos throughout the city.

    The Democrat Party’s leaders fear a repeat of those images this year, especially since the rookie mayor of Chicago is a vocal supporter of the pro-Palestinian protesters. On the one hand, it’s an awful situation for the Democrats to be in – but on the other, it couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of people!

    It would serve them right after they had their BLM foot soldiers tear the country apart in 2020 to try to prevent Donald Trump’s reelection. The only solution that they can come up with is to have another fake convention on the internet like they did the last time.

    The decision is being weighed right as Democrat protesters have barged in and disrupted at least four different Biden campaign events. At Biden’s hoity-toity fundraiser with Bill Clinton and Barack Obama last month, one protester got into the room and held up a sign reading, “War Pig” as she blew a whistle through the event. Other protesters chanted, “Blood on your hands.” It made Obama snippy.

    It’s hilarious and fitting that the Democrats can’t even hold a real in-person convention this year because Joe Biden’s voters hate him so much.