Dem Rep Can’t Condemn Hamas Without Trying Blaming Israel

Anas-Mohammed /
Anas-Mohammed /

Getting on “CNN Newsroom” is the dream for every Democrat in office. Rep. Jim Himes (D-CT) has had that distinction, and his March 21st appearance showcased just how desperate the liberals are to make people believe every little thing they have to say. Part of making this happen includes ensuring they are always pointing a finger away from the side they support.

“Look, the humanitarian situation inside Gaza is untenable, and every party involved here needs to do more. Hamas, of course, which has a long history of stealing aid, needs to stop that in the interest of the people that they purport to represent. The United States is, of course, doing everything we can. There [are] airdrops happening, there’s a pier being constructed in the ocean. The Israelis need to commit themselves to inspecting land cargos a lot faster than they are doing. It does not serve anybody’s purpose to have Gazans starving.”

Never mind the Israelis who are being neglected, mistreated, and killed in Hamas-run prisons where they have been held captive, some since the start of this latest conflict. Turning around and blaming Israel for Hamas stealing and looting supplies being sent to Gaza is shameful and the mark of a dishonest man.

Himes knows damn well that the problem with Hamas and Gaza started and will ultimately be ended by Hamas and Gaza. If they want to come to terms with a peaceful surrender and a two-state solution, they can have it. Should they want to battle it out, they should realize Israel is happy to put an end to Hamas because anything less allows them to regroup and strike again. As Iran is paying the way for Hamas, they can also pay the way for Gaza if the people are as starved as they claim.