Governors Who Sent Their Kids to Private School Move to Ban it from Others

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    One of the greatest things about America is that we value choice. Choice of religion, choice of employment, schools, beliefs, etc. Yet, we continually see Democrat leaders condemning those choices while they get to do whatever they please.

    It’s been referred to of late as the “do as I say, not as I do” motto. Also mentioned is “rules for thee, but not for me.”

    Basically, it’s simply hypocrisy.

    These leaders claim to what or even demand something. But when it comes to themselves and their lifestyles, they can’t be bothered to abide by their own rules.

    We saw it with COVID masking and quarantining. We see it with the push to ‘go green.’

    And more recently, we’ve seen the push to eliminate school choice.

    If you have children, you likely understand that unless you have the money to send your kid to a private school, you are pretty much stuck with whatever public school is closest. And to be sure, that is not always a bad thing.

    As someone once said, public schools can be a great equalizer. Students with less are put in the same classrooms as those with more. They are taught the same lessons and given the same life experiences on a daily basis.

    They also do wonders in propping up local unions.

    However, they aren’t the only option, even for those with limited funding.

    Each and every year, certain kids are awarded scholarships to more expensive private schools via all sorts of sponsors, be it local businesses or just some well-to-do family with a good heart. There has also been a push in more recent years to help fund some of these scholarships or ‘private vouchers’ with local taxes or funds that might have gone to public schools.

    Thanks to these efforts, some families are now able to afford a better education for their kids or at least are given options.

    For Democratic Governors Roy Cooper of North Carolina and Andy Beshear of Kentucky, this is pure evil.

    The pair basically said as much in an op-ed they wrote for USA Today.

    Titled, “Welcome to the GOP’s new education agenda: Loot our public schools for private vouchers,” they claim that allocating funds of any kind for parents is even racist.

    “Our segregationist predecessors were on the wrong side of history, and we don’t need to go back.” Now, that line alone is true. But the following assumption that giving kids an even slightly better education option is somehow racist is absolutely not true.

    But according to Beshear and Cooper, the public school system is awesome, and everyone should attend it.

    The only problem is that neither of their own kids attended public school. Instead, like most children of the liberal elite, they enjoy the finer things in life, including an education from some of the most prestigious private schools around.

    According to Fox News and Reason magazine, Beshear’s two young children attend a private school in Louisville.

    For Cooper, at least one of his three daughters attended a Raliegh private school last year. It’s important to note here that Cooper declared a “state of emergency” that same year in an effort to prevent a school choice bill from passing.

    This means two things. One is that both men are complete and utter hypocrites, clearly looking to line their own pockets, making new rules for the rest of us while we are forced to abide.

    And two, neither man has any real idea what the state of public schools is right now.

    So, while these men have a salary that allows them to send their kids wherever they want to, they are both advocating for bills that would ensure no one but those in their own elite circles gets to do the same. They can’t have the average family opting out of public schools, who have supported the Democratic Party for decades now.

    And so they’ll remain hypocrites. That is until their hypocrisy is brought to light, and they are left without those high-end salaries.