Amber Heard’s ‘Aquaman 2’ Bombs and Warner Bros Shares Plummet

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    People used to love to go to the movies, right? But nowadays, it’s not nearly as fun. Why? Well, for one, things are so expensive, and who has extra money to do that? Secondly, who wants to see a movie that only seems to want to shove liberal political agenda items down your throat?

    Or at least that’s the message that Warner Bros is receiving this week as yet another in a long string of what were supposed to be box office hits failed the entertainment giant.

    This latest flop is “Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom,” according to the New York Post. To be sure, the film brought in what might be called a respectable $433 million. However, as the Post points out, that would only be something to respect if there was a profit to be made from it.

    As it stands, it cost $215 to produce, so that means it needed to make at least $400 million to break even.

    By any standards, that’s a flop for sure, especially when this comes after a movie that brought in over $1 billion.

    Why? Well, perhaps it had something to do with Amber Heard’s role in the film, a loud-mouthed liberal now known more for her public accusations and messy legal fight with now ex-husband Johnny Depp.

    Or maybe it’s more because the entire movie seems to be screaming at you to “go green” and worry about climate change.

    But, of course, this isn’t the only recent failure by Warner Bros.

    “The Color Purple” also flopped, and by even more. According to Screen Rant, the film needed to make over $200 million to break even. It only grossed $68 million.

    This one should have been obvious from the get-go.

    For starters, it’s a musical version remake of a 1985 movie. While the original film is not a bad one, doing it over as a musical, in this day and age, just wasn’t the best idea. Besides, it’s a story written by Alice Walker, a known anti-Israel advocate.

    The combo of these flops, as well as the overall bad year Warner Bros has had, shows a sheer plummet in shares, too. In fact, the Post reported a 10% drop in shares. And it’s stock dropped 16 cents.

    Maybe one of these days, Hollywood will learn that political agendas do not belong in entertainment. Until they do, you can be sure more flops will follow these.