Trump Receives Early Endorsement from Senator Who Once Loathed Him

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Freshman Senator JD Vance (R-OH) very likely owes his election to President Donald Trump. Thanks to Trump’s endorsement in 2022, Vance climbed through the ranks of a crowded GOP primary and managed to defeat a seasoned politician in the general election. Unlike so many politicians who have swatted Trump’s hand away after they received something […]

Biden’s Green New Deal Handing Oil Companies Record Profits

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January 31st saw President Biden becoming infuriated at oil companies after they released their 2022 finances. With Exxon listing at $55.7 billion, and Chevron coming in at $35.5 billion, they have been absolutely sticking it to people across the globe, especially right here in the US. According to experts who spoke with the Daily Caller […]

Nikki Haley’s Running, What Does Trump Think?

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Nikki Haley served in former President Donald Trump’s administration as the United States ambassador to the United Nations. According to both the Post and the Courier, she is planning to launch a 2024 bid for the presidency this month. Based on media reports, someone from Haley’s inner circle confirmed that she will throw her hat […]

North Korea Forecasting a “Cold War” Is Imminent

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January 30th saw North Korea making sure the month ended with the globe knowing just how much they mean business. With a visit to Seoul South Korea from Jens Stoltenberg, the NATO Secretary General already underway, Kim Tong-Myong, a researcher of the North’s organization on international political study took to Pyongyang’s official Korean Central News […]

CA First Lady Wants To Give Your Kid Their First Experience With Porn

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Wife of California Governor Gavin Newsom, Jennifer, is ready to make her first jump into film, and she is targeting her XXX film at middle school children. Founder of The Representation Group, Jennifer Siebel Newsom leads a group that claims they are focused on fighting sexism. Reaching 11,200 classrooms in over 5,000 schools, and a […]

5-Time Loser Wins Reelection as RNC Chair

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Even as Donald Trump looks like the clear favorite to run away with the GOP presidential nomination for 2024, the Republican Party is trying to put the Trump genie back in the bottle. Five-time loser Ronna Romney McDaniel was reelected to an unprecedented fifth term as chair of the Republican National Committee (RNC) on Friday. […]

California Talks Reparations…and the Numbers are Skyrocketing

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California is pulling the ultimate liberal move. Rather than expecting everyone to make money so that they can make ends meet, they want to offer reparations to Black residents of the state. According to the committee that was created, the State of California Reparations Task Force, Black residents were disproportionately impacted by housing policies between […]

Catholic Pro-life Father Facing 11 Years Gets His Verdict

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The Catholic pro-life father who was facing 11 years in prison for allegedly violating a federal law that prohibited people from blocking people from entering an abortion clinic was acquitted on Monday. Mark Houck leads a nonprofit group that counsels women outside of abortion clinics in Philadelphia. He was offering sidewalk counseling when he assaulted […]

Tesla: Offering the Ultimate Buyer’s Remorse Experience

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Buyer’s remorse: We’ve all experienced it on some level. Whether it’s simply regretting spending the money on something as frivolous as a Starbucks coffee or buying a new vacuum sweeper only to find out that the model your sister just got is both better and cheaper. Ok, so maybe that last one is just me. […]

Application Filed to Eliminate Alaska’s Repugnant Ranked-Choice Fraud Vote System

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Many people were left scratching their heads in 2020 when the solidly red state of Alaska adopted ranked-choice voting. This is a system of voting that is guaranteed to steal seats from Republicans. It’s the exact opposite of democracy. Ranked-choice voting also chills freedom of speech in election campaigns, which we’ll explain in a moment. […]