How Conservative SCOTUS Majority Could Be Taken WITHOUT Court Expansion

Orhan Cam /
It’s no secret that the political left would love to have full control of the Supreme Court. It’s why they have suggested expanding the court so many times during recent years when the majority has clearly been in favor of conservatives. And it’s also why a new set of guidelines for Supreme Court justices is […]

Buttigieg Is the Only Thing Preventing America From Dropping Daylight Savings Time

Zephyr_p /
Back in 2019, the Associated Press and NORC took a poll, and 71% of Americans want to follow the lead of a few select areas of the country and abandon daylight savings time. It turns out that this would be an incredibly simple task and has tremendous bipartisan support. The Sunshine Protection Act, cosponsored by […]

Pentagon Plays Shell Games in Preparation for China Conflict After Biden Depleted Stockpiles and Decimated the Budget

patpitchaya /
After handing over hundreds of billions of dollars in aid to Ukraine, the Biden administration has Pentagon officials scrambling to find $30.6 billion in funding from Congress to replenish the weaponry stock in the face of Chinese aggression. The extension of weaponry and money to Ukraine from the US has left the military severely under-prepared […]

Red Cross Giving Maps & Other Resources to Illegals in Mexico to Help Them Get Here

Joseph Sohm /
Americans should be careful about which charitable organizations they’re donating money to these days. Some non-profits are actively destroying the United States by assisting Joe Biden’s millions of foreign invaders as they make their way to the porous US-Mexico border. The latest non-profit to be caught spending its donor money on illegal aliens is the […]

House GOP Planning to Visit January 6 Political Prisoners in Disgusting DC Jail

Anelo /
America’s most precious civil liberties have been violated more fully and more rapidly under Joe Biden than the British ever hoped to achieve prior to 1776. Nothing illustrates this more than the vile treatment of the January 6 political prisoners. Dozens of Trump supporters are still rotting in the disgusting DC jail more than two […]

China Is Dominating the US and Leading Biden by the Nose

AF Branco /
China’s President Xi Jinping does a great job of making it look like he hates the US. He oversells the aggression against our politics, people, and way of life. The manner he attacks the US via the news and weather balloons is something never seen in US history. The office of the President has typically […]

Alaska Braces for the β€œEnd of Oil in America,’ Thanks to Biden

Troutnut /
You’d think Democratic President Joe Biden would have learned a lesson or two from stopping the Keystone XL oil pipeline project here in the US back in 2020. But according to Alaska’s governor, it’s likely that he’s about to make a very similar and just as devastating decision. If you remember, the Keystone XL project […]

Little Seen Chinese Premier Li Keqiang Rides Off Into the Sunset

Belish /
Spending a decade in someone’s shadow is an incredibly difficult thing to ask of anyone. To do so as the no. 2 in the Chinese Communist Party is even more difficult. Yet, that’s exactly what Li Keqiang did for Xi Jinping. His stepping down marks a massive turning of the tide for Chinese politics. Now, […]

Walmart Stores Fleeing Portland, OR as the City Falls Apart under Leftist Rule

Sean Pavone /
Sorry, America. You don’t get to have nice things anymore with leftists in control of your biggest cities. Walmart has announced that it will be closing the last of its stores in Portland, OR by March 24th. The reason? It turns out that letting communists turn your community into a hell hole of rampant crime, […]

Illegals Behaving Badly: Killing Nurses, Eating Bald Eagles, Molesting Kids

Steve Collender /
Joe Biden’s horde of 7 million illegal aliens and counting is committing shocking rates of crime that are mostly going unreported. Outside of local media reports, most American have no idea of the scope of what’s happening to the country right now. And it’s only going to keep getting worse. America is on pace to […]