Why Things Will Never Go Back to Normal, Thanks to Biden

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If you haven’t heard, a major US bank failed last week, threatening to leave its depositors in a lurch. But rather than letting the market do what it will, Democratic President Joe Biden and his administration stepped in, promising to provide protection for larger investors and depositors. Basically, anyone with over $250,000 got their money […]

Russian Jets Target and Attack USAF Drone Over International Waters

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March 14th saw a USAF drone taken out by Russian aircraft as it operated over international waters over the Black Sea. Attacked by two Russian Sukhoi 27 fighter jets, the fighters took unusual, and almost cartoonish actions to take down the unmanned drone. The US European Command (EUCOM) explanation of the MQ-9 “Reaper” going down […]

Fox News Should Be Banned for US Troops?

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It’s no secret that Fox News is a fan favorite; ratings alone show it consistently outperforms its more liberal counterparts. And that is why hellbent leftists like California Democrat and US Representative Eric Swalwell are proposing that it be banned for US military members. Yes, you read that correctly. According to an MSNBC interview with […]

Failed Athlete Turned “Activist” Calls His Adoptive Parents “Racist”

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Colin Kaepernick is probably one of the most polarizing figures in the NFL from the last 50 years. While his initial burst into American living rooms was for the San Francisco 49ers, over the last 5 years though, his name has been synonymous with his ideas of everything in America being “racist” than with his […]

Democratic-Backed Think Tank Knows How Trump Can Win

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You’ve got experts on both sides of the political aisle trying to figure out all the possible scenarios for the 2024 presidential election which is just 20 months away. Two of the most important questions right now are who will challenge Joe Biden for the Democratic nomination, and who might challenge Donald Trump from the […]

Democrats Want To Hand the Latest Tech Jobs to Illegal Immigrants

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Locking arms, big business, and elected Democrats are taking on a new campaign to ramp up legal immigration and make what are not illegal immigrants into legal workers. These groups are working together to put pressure on President Biden to force-feed illegals through the legal channels to get people employed. Sen. Ben Ray Luján (D-NM) […]

Dems Lose It as Biden Flips on DC Crime Bill

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It seems cities far and wide are reforming their criminal laws, inevitably catering to criminals and those who apparently care little about breaking our laws. But in a surprising turn of events, President Joe Biden isn’t nearly as supportive of those changes as he once was, at least not in Washington, DC. Of course, it’s […]

Another Dem Senator is Out with Health Problems

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Power and the need for it can make us do some rather funny, if not totally questionable, things. For aging California and Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein, it’s why she is still in office at 89 and why even continually failing mental and physical health has kept her as a member of our Congress. However, her […]

Doocy’s Speechless, KJP Calls Biden “Brave” – Watch!

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Fox News’ Peter Doocy was in the ring with White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre on Wednesday. The two once again duked it out and Jean-Pierre was on the wrong end of the bout. She was left on the defensive over Joe Biden’s record of softness in regard to China and she stunned the room […]

Cruz Wants a Thorough Investigation Into Biden’s Corrupt FAA Nominee

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Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) has had enough of President Biden trying to sneak more turds into the punchbowl. After the first investigation into Phil Washington to lead the Federal Aviation Administration failed last summer, the Senator is trying to get a thorough investigation going before the Senate considers his nomination on March 1st. “Last week, […]