Liberal Student Epically Fails to Explain His White Privilege

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If you enter just about any college campus in the country, you will be assaulted with liberal mindsets. Thankfully, most of those can be quite easily erased by someone who actually thinks for themself.

Enter Turning Point USA reporter Savanah Hernandez, who found herself in a conversation with a liberal white male student at the University of Texas in Austin.

According to the Post Millennial, the student began the discussion by trying to explain his white privilege to Hernandez. But all it took was a few simple questions to make that worldview crumble.

According to the student, a white male, he had been given extra benefits in life from birth solely because he was born with a lighter skin complexion. Therefore, he assumed that Hernandez, as “the opposite” of himself, had not been given the same things.

He said, “I grew up as a white man, and you’re the exact opposite, you know? My experiences are gonna be different from yours.”

The only problem was that, well, he couldn’t really explain his supposed privilege.

When Hernandez asked a simple “How come?” he struggled to find an answer. The only thing he could come up with was to label it as “white privilege.”

But Hernandez pressed him, asking what “privileges” he received that she didn’t.

Of course, because the student didn’t know Hernandez personally, he couldn’t really answer. So she continued, saying, “Don’t you think it’s a problem in society when white people think that they have more privileges than brown or black people?”

After a few seconds, the student admitted that unlike the “white privilege” narrative insists, he actually had to work his way to where he was. He wasn’t given handouts as the liberal left seems to suggest.

Hernandez then asked him why his initial reaction to her, “a brown woman,” would be to claim that he has white privilege.

And his answer says it all.

He basically admitted that he didn’t know if he was any more well off in life than she, but because of the “cancel culture” we live in, complete with all its virtue signaling and irrationality, he had been taught to assume that was the way it was.

He said he liked to have discussions like this, but because of society’s quickness to “judge and react and cancel,” he’d been taught to enter those conversations with “caution.” Essentially, he was afraid of being canceled.

He is admitting here that society has taught most of our youth all about white privilege as if it’s some real thing and that one’s skin color automatically either gives you a leg up or the opposite. And so when he enters into any conversation, he does so, assuming that it will be liberally biased.

However, he didn’t really believe all that leftist mumbo jumbo. He doesn’t think he is “an oppressor” and inherently evil just because he was born white and a man. But to admit that to most people, at least on college campuses, is just asking to be canceled.

The political left demands an all-or-nothing submission to the cause.

But as Hernandez’s questions made this student realize, there is something rather refreshing in talking about such things without the fear of cancelation. There is freedom, in fact, in free speech and actually saying what you think and believe.

Additionally, there is little rationale in the narrative he was taught to think by.

And there were plenty of people online to sympathize with him after Hernandez posted the video of their exchange.

As one individual said, “I think he doesn’t believe anything he’s saying, he was expecting the woke brigade… and looked pleasantly surprised, like a breath of fresh air for him… if anything, he’s just scare to cancelled, just wants a peaceful life.”

I’d say they aren’t wrong. I mean, that’s what most of us want, right? A peaceful life with the freedom to believe, think, and say as we please?

And yet, thanks to society, we’ve been taught that doing so will end in our demise. Better to take the safe, irrational road than one in which we actually think for ourselves or listen to our hearts.

Way to set him straight, Hernandez.

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