No to Abortions, Yes to Polygamy, and Maybe to Swinging As Utah Bans Abortion Clinics

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Gov. Spencer Cox (R-UT) has no problem with the people of Utah living their life in a way that makes sense to them. However, on March 15th, he signed legislation that reminded the good people of Utah that there are limits to what makes sense to the state. Given the heavy Mormon population of the […]

NFL All-Pro Duo Signs Contract to Bury New York’s Leftist Policies

Jamie Lamor Thompson /
We all hate taxes, right? But how many of us actually consider those taxes when deciding on where to take a job? For New York NFL players, it’s a serious part of the decision-making process, as two All-Pro players just proved. If you consider yourself much of an American football fan, you likely know that […]

Wisconsin School District Forces LGTBQ Lifestyles on All Children

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Walking the hallway of any school and you’re likely to see a few things. Bulletin boards showcasing the kid’s work in elementary, announcements for the spring formal in the junior high school, and spring break gym schedules in the high school. In Sheboygan South High School, the décor takes a different turn. Inside their library […]

Crypto Serves As the Wrecking Ball for Signature Bank, but Not Like You’d Think

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Recently, Signature Bank, the historic New York financial institution with one of the soundest real estate foundations on the planet tried expanding into the cryptocurrency deposit scene and found themselves shuttering on March 12th. With regulators saying that their continued operations would put the entire financial system at risk, it wasn’t surprising to see them […]

Liberal Student Epically Fails to Explain His White Privilege

Logan__123 /
If you enter just about any college campus in the country, you will be assaulted with liberal mindsets. Thankfully, most of those can be quite easily erased by someone who actually thinks for themself. Enter Turning Point USA reporter Savanah Hernandez, who found herself in a conversation with a liberal white male student at the […]

Home Depot Founder Doesn’t Trust Biden, Either

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There are certain people who, when they talk, you want to listen. You know, people who have been around a while have made some major achievements and learned a thing or two about life. Home Depot co-founder Bernie Marcus is one such soul. Thanks to Marcus, the American home-building process was changed forever in the […]

Is WV So Desperate to Get Residents Back They’ll Spend Tens of Thousands PER Resident?

LesPalenik /
West Virginia is plagued with problems. Education scores are low. Coal and steel productions are down. And various other industries are dying. As a result, people are moving out of the state – and at a faster pace than other states. From 2010 to 2020, it lost 3.2 percent of its population – higher than […]

UK Doing What Biden Won’t and Removing Illegals

Christine Bird /
People across the pond in the United Kingdom have grown tired of the illegals turning up on their shores daily. After a recent surge in their arrivals, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has drawn up the “Writing in the Sun,” a plan that is “fair for those at home and those who have a legitimate claim […]

GOP Proposes “Parent’s Bill of Rights”

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A growing trend in America has been reducing parents to little more than a bystander in a child’s life and educational career. And thankfully, it could soon be torn down, thanks to the introduction of a newly proposed bill in the U.S. House of Representatives. The measure, known as H.R 5, or the Parents Bill […]

Why Does Costco’s Rotisserie Chicken Suddenly Taste Like Nasty Chemicals & Pool Water?

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Gross. What’s up with Costco’s rotisserie chicken lately? Don’t get us wrong. We love Costco’s rotisserie chicken. Or at least we used to. The fact that you can walk into your local Costco, flash your membership card, and walk out the door with an entire delicious $5 rotisserie chicken is about the best deal you […]