DeSantis Set to Fight School Board as They Impose Mask Mandate in Florida

The Democrats have gone out of their way to push fear into the hearts of people. Their relentless attacks on the emotional strain of...

GOP Candidate Beats Trump-Endorsed Rival in Special Election

Well, it’s looking less and less likely that former President Donald Trump will be as influential in 2024 as many have recently thought. As you...

Facebook Rejects Post Because Illinois Officer of the Year Isn’t Black

Facebook has decided that not only are they allowed to reject posts, but they’re also allowed to reject them over anything and everything. Apparently,...

Pelosi Orders Capitol Police to Arrest Mask Violators

Nancy Pelosi has taken steps to overstep her authority concerning how she can dictate mask mandated violations. Her lust for power has put her...

Past President of Planned Parenthood Reveals in New Book Their Real Stance on Abortion

Even though their numbers are usually inaccurate, Planned Parenthood has continually argued that abortion only makes up 3% of its “services.” But there is...

Biden’s Border Patrol Agents are Adding to the Spread of COVID

Quick, everyone mask up! The Biden administration is suddenly very upset about the recent outbreak of COVID cases in the U.S., particularly as the...

Budget Procedures are Turning into a Feast for Immigrants

The Dems are showing that they have the power. Rather than focusing on a budget that would make sense for Americans, they’re letting the...

Adam Schiff Fakes Tears at the First Day of January 6 Hearings

The Capital riots from July 6 are at the top of the importance list for the silly Democrats. The word that describes them the...

Mask Mandates Come from the Unmasked Congress Doctor

Reports are popping up everywhere that mask mandates are being issued. The CDC has reversed its recommendations about mask-wearing for the vaccinated. There are a...

The First TX Dem Gets an Arrest Warrant Issued on Them

The Democrats that escaped out of Texas for a social justice-focused vacation are about to reap what they sow. They didn’t actually think they...

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