Liberal University Threatens to Rescind Acceptance to Student Over Pro-Trump Video

College, of all places, should be the one place where various points of view and backgrounds...

Kanye Might Have Dumped Trump, but It’s the Democrats He’s Trying to Take Down

Kanye West shocked the country when he announced that he's running for president in 2020. He's...

AOC Said That BLM Isn’t Bad, They’re Just Hungry so ‘Shoplift Bread’

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is the nation's most hated politician. Her beliefs and insane ideas are corrupted with...

Are we Not Supposed to Talk About the Murders in Chicago? Mainstream Media Won’t

It's funny how the media has a way of downplaying certain issues happening around the country....

Harvard Senior Threatens to Murder Anyone Who Believes That All Lives Matter

A Black Lives Matter TikTok video was recently put out by a Harvard senior and it came with a controversial message. Claira Janover was...

Catholic Priest Suspended for Condemning BLM Violence and Murder

Father Theodore Rothrock was suspended from the church recently and the reason will sadden anyone who considers themselves a member of the religious right....

J.K. Rowling Stands Her Ground on Democrat’s Conversion Therapy Madness

J.K. Rowling has found herself in the news for expressing all sorts of controversial views on social media lately. Trans activists are livid because...

BLM Terrorists Murder 8-Year-Old Girl in Atlanta

The protesters want everyone to know that black lives matter but their actions and their words are not aligning. There have been waves of...

Biden Declares Police Is the Enemy of the American People

Joe Biden has done his best to dance around the true issues taking place in America and appear to be as moderate as possible....

Video: Omar Points Out the Dem’s Agenda: Destroy the Us by Any Means Necessary

Ilhan Omar is a Minnesota Democrat who loves to stake her claim as a true radical. Her outlandish statements always attract attention and in...

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