Red State Grocery Stores Get a Major Upgrade with Ammo Vending Machines

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    Nothing screams America quite like the latest addition to supermarkets in Alabama and Oklahoma: automated vending machines stocked with ammunition. That’s right, folks—now you can do your weekly grocery shopping and pick up some extra firepower, all in one convenient trip. Forget just grabbing milk and eggs; why not throw in a few boxes of 9mm and .223 rounds while you’re at it? These select supermarkets have embraced the spirit of the Second Amendment in the most convenient way possible, ensuring you’re locked and loaded before you even leave the parking lot. It’s the ultimate expression of freedom and convenience, all rolled into one shopping cart!

    How is this happening? American Rounds has installed AI-powered ammunition vending machines in several supermarket stores in Alabama and Oklahoma. These vending machines are equipped with built-in AI technology, card scanning capability, and facial recognition software that are able to verify that buyers are 21 or older and match the identity on their license.

    American Rounds notes on its website that its automated ammo dispensers are accessible 24/7, allowing customers to purchase ammunition at their convenience without worrying about store hours or long lines.

    American Rounds is making an example out of six supermarkets, including two Fresh Value stores in Alabama and four Super C Mart stores in Oklahoma, by equipping them with their new automated ammo dispensers.

    In an interview with Newsweek, Grants Magers, the mastermind behind American Rounds, proudly boasted that their AI-powered ammo vending machines have recently expanded to grace eight locations across four states. Because who doesn’t want to pick up a side of bullets with their bread and butter?

    Magers revealed that there are over 200 store requests for their Automated Ammo Retail Machine (AARM) units across nine states, and the number is growing daily. He said the vending machines support “law-abiding, responsible gun ownership.” Magers added that current methods of selling ammunition, whether off the shelf or online, often result in accidental sales to underaged buyers and high theft rates in retail stores. Mager believes his vending machines are the obvious solution to these pesky problems.

    Magers told the local media outlet Oklahoma KOCO-TV that the machines will have no ammo restrictions and are restocked weekly.