Muslim Beautician Refuses to Wax a Trans Woman’s Dangly Bits and Then It Gets Ugly

    Svitlana Martynova /
    Svitlana Martynova /

    Just when you think the left’s fascination with trans rights couldn’t get any crazier, Canada reminds us that it still exists. Oh, Canada! You dear, sweet, socialist utopia to the north of us. What would we do without you? In the latest news from the front in World War T, a women’s beauty salon is now facing crushing financial penalties after they refused to apply a Brazilian wax to a trans woman’s testicles.

    A trans woman in Ontario, who is only identified as “A.B.” in Canadian news reports, decided that her testicles were just too hairy one day. It was time to polish the family jewels. Trim the hedges around the acorns. Strip the fuzz off the ol’ peaches, as they say.

    So, AB picked up the phone and called to schedule an appointment at Mad Wax, a spa for women that caters to women exclusively. Where else would she have called to have her testicles waxed? After all, AB is a real woman with a real woman’s low-hanging bean bags!

    When she asked for a Brazilian wax in the land down under, the confused owner tried to very patiently explain to AB that Mad Wax is a women’s spa for women. AB started to become enraged at the owner, Jason Carruthers, when he tried to tell AB that their beauticians are only trained to wax the nether regions of women.

    Besides, Carruthers explained, the only beautician on staff that day was a devout Muslim woman, whose religious faith prohibits her from contact with men outside her immediate family. Not that Carruthers was comparing AB to a man!

    Anyway, you would think that AB’s desire to have her agates polished would not outweigh trying to force a devout Muslim woman to violate the tenets of her religious faith, right?

    At this point, you might be asking yourself an important question.

    In the liberal globalists’ hierarchy of protected victimhood status, who has more diversity Pokémon points: A trans woman who wants the hair stripped off her testicles, or a devout Muslim woman trying to adhere to her faith?

    Sorry, Muslims! A trans woman’s hairy, dangling yams are more important to the globalists these days than your religious beliefs. You guys are so September 10th. Aren’t you sorry you’ve been voting for liberal Democrats all these years, thinking you were important to them?

    Let’s pause for a second and consider the courage that it took for AB to demand that a devout Muslim lady strip the hair off of AB’s chicken nuggets. Muslims are not a people who are known for being calm and circumspect when you demand that they compromise their religious beliefs. That trans lady must have a major pair of stones to try something that!

    AB was so infuriated that she caused a media uproar and then reported Mad Wax to the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal. After hearing that Jason Carruthers had refused to force his Muslim lady beautician to strip the hair off of AB’s dangly plums, the Tribunal imposed a crushing financial penalty on him. Carruthers is being forced to pay AB $35,000 plus interest in the next 30 days, otherwise, the Tribunal will begin seizing his assets.

    This is a preview of what life is going to be like in America if Joe Biden wins a second term in office this November. The moral of the story, as always, is to vote for Trump in 2024!