Video: Iran-Backed Rebels Easily Sink Another Tanker on Joe Biden’s Watch

    Aastels /
    Aastels /

    Houthi rebels sank another tanker ship in the Red Sea last week using a new tactic. A kamikaze drone boat packed with explosives rammed into the stern of a container vessel. In a video of the attack that was posted on social media, the armed guards on the vessel stand there in confusion and never fire a shot at the looming threat.

    The Greek-owned vessel ‘Tutor’ had a crew of 22 Filipino sailors on board when the attack happened. One crew member was killed when the drone boat exploded. The US military evacuated the 21 survivors. In the last known photograph of the Tutor, it was taking on water badly in the stern and starting to sink. It’s probably at the bottom of the Red Sea by now.

    It seems there’s another embarrassing failure of the Biden regime with every single passing day. Houthi rebels have been firing missiles at the Red Sea shipping lanes and causing major supply chain shocks for the past several months.

    Despite sending multiple US Navy ships to the area and spending $1 billion US taxpayer dollars to counter anti-ship ballistic and cruise missiles and suicide drones, it’s still unsafe for ships to try to pass through the Red Sea. Let that sink in for a moment.

    The Iranian-backed Houthi rebels aren’t even out on the ocean. Biden sent the US Navy in to secure the shipping channel, and the exercise has been a total failure. How is this even possible?

    There are unconfirmed reports that one of our aircraft carriers was so badly damaged last week that it had to retreat from the region—and the Biden regime is covering it up to avoid another embarrassing failure. If we can’t secure a little shipping channel from a bunch of unsophisticated guys in a desert, why does Joe Biden think he can take on the combined might of Russia and China?