Joe Biden is Destroying American National Security Just to Win Reelection


    By the end of this summer, the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) could have enough oil left in it to sustain the country for just one week. Why will it be so low? Because Joe Biden is determined to completely drain the reserves to keep oil and gas prices stable until after the election. The man is endangering American national security just so he can try to win an election. If we lived in a sane country, this would be an impeachable offense and immediate grounds for removing him from office.

    When Joe Biden was illegitimately installed in the White House after the 2020 coup, he inherited an SPR that was flush with oil. It had 630 million barrels in it, thanks in large part to the efforts of the Trump administration. That was almost as high as the all-time high of 710 million barrels that the SPR had in it as recently as 2010.

    Since high gas prices and runaway inflation were the number one complaint that Americans had about Joe Biden and the Democrats in 2022, Biden cynically sold off more than 180 million barrels of oil just to stabilize gas prices for the election. Even though the regime’s anti-energy policies have kept oil and gas prices far too high, Biden’s Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm promised they would refill the reserves in March of this year.

    The 2022 election stunt was the largest sale of oil from the SPR in history. The Biden regime and their lapdogs in the media blamed Vladimir Putin for high gas prices here in America—even though the price of gas had more than doubled almost eight months before the war in Ukraine started.

    Speaking at the CERAWeek energy conference in Houston in March, Granholm promised the attendees that they were going to refill the SPR above and beyond the 180 million barrels that they sold in 2022. Naturally, this was a bald-faced, pants-on-fire lie.

    Instead, Joe Biden will be draining the SPR to the point where it is bone-dry, all in a cynical ploy to dupe Americans into thinking he’s somehow keeping gas prices low. Granholm suddenly announced in May that her boss would be doing everything in his power to keep prices at the pump low for American families this summer.

    By “everything in his power,” Granholm means selling off as much of the remaining oil in the SPR as necessary.

    We have less than 400 million barrels of oil left in the SPR after Joe Biden’s 2022 election stunt. That’s not even enough oil to sustain the American economy for one month. By the time Joe Biden is done selling off the reserves this summer, many analysts predict that we won’t have enough oil left to last one week.

    The true purpose of the SPR is right there in its name. It’s a “strategic” reserve of petroleum. We’re supposed to keep it filled with oil in case a major war breaks out or in case there is a major disruption to the global supply of oil. The SPR belongs to the American people. It’s no Joe Biden’s to sell in a cynical ploy to drag his failing campaign across the finish line in November.

    The insane part of all of this is that America has more cheap, recoverable oil under the ground than any other nation on earth. That is a fact. The problem is that the unelected Biden-Harris regime won’t allow us to recover that oil to preserve our way of life. They’re perfectly willing to threaten American national security to win reelection, though.