Fauci Admits 6-Foot Rule Was Bogus

    KiwiK / shutterstock.com
    KiwiK / shutterstock.com

    When the COVID-19 pandemic came onto the scene in 2020, it seemed only one man knew enough about the potentially deadly disease to tell us what we should do: Dr. Anthony Fauci, so he was made the White House medical adviser put in charge of all things COVID related.

    However, all his rules have now been declared as nonsense, even by himself…

    The latest of which is his notorious 6-foot rule.

    You know, the one that demanded that you stand at least six feet away from anyone else, be it at the grocery store, in church, at work, or in our schools. This is also the rule that got many non-essential businesses to shut down, either temporarily or for good, because being six feet apart just wasn’t feasible.

    But on Friday, Republican Representative Brad Wenstrup from Ohip released the transcripts of Fauci’s two-day congressional hearing from January to the public.

    In these closed-door depositions, Fauci was asked about many of the rules and guidelines he helped to implement, such as the 6-foot rule.

    His answer to how the rule came about literally admitted that he didn’t remember who suggested it and knew it had no scientific backing.

    He told the panel, “You know, I don’t recall, it just sort of appeared. I don’t recall, like, a discussion of whether it should be 5 or 6 or whatever.”

    Then he was asked if he’d seen “any studies that supported 6 feet?”

    His response: “I was not aware of studies. That, in fact, that would be a very difficult study to do.”

    So, the rule, in its entirety, was just made up…

    And yet, we were supposed to abide by it, as if it was not only set in stone but had been done so by God.

    Hell, people were fired, ostracized, blacklisted, and attacked by corporate media as “conspiracy theorists” if they dared to question “the science” of Fauci’s rules.

    Of course, we already know the same thing happened with Fauci’s masking rules, which were also not based on science.

    Fauci is currently facing another round of hearings as we speak. And he sure has a lot to answer for.