Common Sense Prevails: Arkansas Supreme Court Upholds State Law Banning ‘Neutral Gender Identification’

    Mizurova PETRICHOR /
    Mizurova PETRICHOR /

    In a victory for sanity and common sense, the Arkansas Supreme Court ruled yesterday to eliminate the option for residents to identify as “neutral” or “non-binary” on their state-issued ID cards. This move reverses a previous lower-court decision that sought to undermine the will of the people and impose radical ideology upon citizens.

    Attorney General Tim Griffin (R) rightly applauded the high court’s decision, stating:

    “I applaud the Arkansas Supreme Court’s decision staying the circuit court’s unlawful order and allowing the Department of Finance and Administration to bring its identification rules into compliance with state law.”

    This sensible ruling comes after liberal activists at the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) attempted to force-feed their extreme agenda onto the good people of Arkansas. In response to the original lawsuit filed by the ACLU, Holly Dickson, Executive Director of the organization’s Arkansas chapter, claimed:

    “The only real emergency here is the one created by the state itself, imposing this rule on transgender, intersex, and nonbinary Arkansans.”

    But let’s be clear – there was no “emergency.” Only a vocal minority demanding special treatment under the guise of “inclusivity”. And what about the rights of the majority? Don’t they deserve protection from government overreach?

    Dickson continued her misguided crusade against reason, claiming:

    “By removing the ‘X’ marker option, the state forces those who do not fit squarely into the gender binary to choose an inaccurate gender marker, resulting in potential confusion, distress, discrimination, physical harm, and a lack of proper identification.”

    Newsflash, Ms. Dickson: biology matters! There are two sexes, male and female. Anything else is social constructivism run amok!

    According to reports, fewer than half of US states currently permit the “X” designation on official documents. It seems most Americans understand basic human anatomy better than our friends on the Left.

    As we celebrate this small but significant win for rational thinking, remember: truth isn’t relative; facts matter more than feelings. Kudos to AG Griffin and the Arkansas Supreme Court for standing strong against ideological bullying.