Beau’s Memory Tarnished: Biden’s Shameless Tactic Before Hunter’s Trial

LaMarr McDaniel /
LaMarr McDaniel /

Just days before she has to spill the beans at Hunter Biden’s federal gun trial, Hallie Biden received a visit. President Joe Biden decided to drop in on his daughter-in-law. You know, the widow of his late son Beau. Hallie’s got a hot date with the witness stand starting June 3, ready to discuss Hunter’s federal felony charges. These charges stem from allegations that Hunter lied on a federal form about his drug use during a 2018 revolver purchase.

Accompanied by the White House press pool, Biden arrived at Hallie’s Delaware residence on Saturday night for what was described as a brief private conversation away from cameras and reporters. The White House insists this visit had absolutely nothing to do with Hallie’s upcoming testimony. Instead, it was all about marking the 9th anniversary of Beau Biden’s death. White House spokesman Andrew Bates was adamant about this point, practically begging people to believe him.

However, Biden’s travel history does not indicate a regular pattern of visiting his daughter-in-law’s home around the anniversary of Beau’s death. This unusual visit has sparked speculation, particularly given Hallie’s critical role as a witness in Hunter’s case. Critics argue that Biden has previously used his son’s death to gain political favor, and this visit appears to deviate from his usual mourning practices.

Hallie Biden, who had an affair with Hunter following Beau’s death in 2015, will testify about her romantic relationship with Hunter during the time of the alleged gun purchase in 2018. Their relationship, which Biden endorsed despite the controversy, was marked by numerous challenges, including addiction issues and arguments. One notable incident involved Hallie disposing of Hunter’s firearms near a high school in 2018, which prompted the Secret Service to get involved. The couple ultimately split over Hunter’s involvement with a stripper, resulting in the birth of Biden’s seventh grandchild.

Biden’s unexpected visit to Hallie’s home occurred shortly after Hunter attended a state dinner with Attorney General Merrick Garland. This is noteworthy, given that Garland appointed Special Counsel David Weiss to oversee Hunter’s case. Despite assurances from Weiss to the House Judiciary Committee that “political considerations played no part in our decision-making,” the Department of Justice’s handling of Hunter’s case has raised questions about potential preferential treatment, especially in light of an attempted plea deal many viewed as overly lenient.