Abused Elder in White House Proclaims ‘World Elder Abuse Awareness Day’

    Nuttapong punna / shutterstock.com
    Nuttapong punna / shutterstock.com

    Sometimes, the irony within the Biden White House is so thick that the jokes just write themselves. Joe Biden has issued an official proclamation. Henceforth, June 15th will be recognized as ‘World Elder Abuse Awareness Day.’ Just let that fact swirl around in your brain for a few minutes, and try not to laugh. It’s enough to make you wonder if anyone working in the communications office at the White House these days can think two steps ahead.

    The only thing that could have looked worse than having Joe Biden declare World Elder Abuse Awareness Day would have been having Kamala Harris issue the proclamation. Everyone would have thought she was trying to knife her boss in the back again.

    During the proclamation, Biden noted that as many as five million elder Americans are victims of some form of abuse or neglect every year. He added that he is committed to standing next to them.


    Right next to them.

    Biden says that he’s working toward “creating a world in which no older person has to live in fear of violence, abuse, or neglect.”


    The American people would like to report a severe case of elder abuse!

    It’s been going on since 2019. An elderly dementia patient is being abused by a greedy, self-serving, fake “doctor” named Jill. She keeps abusing the victim because she wants to stay in the White House for four more years. She’s willing to heap unfathomable amounts of abuse on top of her victim just so she can personally benefit from his job.

    Joe Biden declaring World Elder Abuse Awareness Day might be the biggest cry for help we’ve seen since Ashley Biden deliberately left her diary in a flophouse for someone to find right before the 2020 election.

    It’s been clear to most honest Americans that Joe Biden is being viciously abused since the 2019 Democrat primary race. Julián Castro pointed out in one of the debates that the dementia-addled Biden had forgotten what he had said just two minutes previously.

    The Biden campaign was able to shield the public from much of their candidate’s decline by running the first-ever basement campaign. Joe Biden mostly stuck to podcast interviews throughout the campaign. That way, one of his aides could desperately lunge and unplug Joe’s computer anytime his brain started to glitch.

    Jill Biden doesn’t have the excuse of COVID-19 to hide her husband in the basement this year, so he’s been putting in a lot more public appearances for the 2024 campaign. He doesn’t look good. In fact, he looks downright awful. If Jill Biden truly loved her husband, he’d be wandering around in his bathrobe and slippers while feeding some ducks at a nursing home, rather than campaigning for another four years in office.

    On two separate occasions in the past week, Biden’s brain has glitched in a public setting. He starts to wander off in a daze until someone near him can grab him by the arm and lead him around like a dumb farm animal. He also appeared to launch a Hershey squirt in his pants during the D-Day ceremony in Normandy, which forced Jill to grab him by the hand and sprint for the nearest hose to wash him off.

    If anyone around Joe Biden actually cared about him, they would have put an end to this charade years ago. Instead, we’re being subjected to more abuse of an elderly vegetable every day as the world laughs at us.