Texas Congresswoman Wants Foreign-Born Pro-Hamas Protesters Deported

    Sang Cheng / shutterstock.com
    Sang Cheng / shutterstock.com

    North Texas Congresswoman Beth Van Duyne (R-Irving) is a public official who is tired of the pro-Palestinian protests on college campuses across the US. Seeing the risks being posed to pro-Israel, Israeli, Jewish, and even uninvolved people on campus by these protests, Duyne wants it to stop. As a report from Fox4News in Dallas, TX, originally outlined, she has a plan ready to go, too.

    Duyne’s answer comes in the form of her bill called “The Hamas Supporters Have No Home Here Act.” As written, it would change the immigration laws of the US and would streamline the deportation of those found guilty of crimes committed at rallies supporting terrorism or antisemitism. More to the point, her legislation would lead to making this kind of action a revocable offense for those who are not American citizens.

    Speaking with Fox4News, Duyne explains that many who are joining these protests have little to no knowledge of why they are there. She outlines the herd-like mentality that these protesters have; they sound more like sheep than anything else. Given the numerous videos on social media of reporters asking them about the protests on these college campuses, many have little to no idea why they are protesting.

    Redirecting people to the organizers and other leaders of the protests when asked about the situation, it becomes apparent that many of the people are clueless. No matter their citizenship status here in the US, it’s clear tons of them are simply showing up to be a part of something, and now it’s become a massive threat to the American way of life. If these foreign-born protestors want better conditions in Palestine, they are free to go there.

    Lawmakers should be rushing to get this act passed. We already have enough problems with illegal foreigners in the US and don’t need to stand by idly while those who are here on a visa add to them.