Senators Destroy Biden Judge for Placing a 6-Foot-2 Serial Child Rapist in a Women’s Prison

    Alina Kruk /
    Alina Kruk /

    A Senate Judiciary Committee hearing became chaotic on Wednesday as Democrats rushed to defend one of Joe Biden’s worst judicial nominees to date. Biden has managed to get 200 incredibly incompetent judges appointed to the federal bench during his time in office. Many are incapable of answering basic questions about the Constitution or the Bill of Rights. This time, however, U.S. Magistrate Judge Sarah Netburn was one of the nominees. She’s noteworthy because she sent a hulking, 6-foot-2 serial child rapist to a women’s prison in New York, where he viciously reoffended.

    Biden has nominated Netburn to serve on the US District Court for the Southern District of New York. Both Senators Ted Cruz (R-TX) and John Kennedy (R-LA) took turns savaging Netburn for placing her radical, far-left, pro-transgender ideology over the rights of women prisoners.

    The criminal in question was a guy named William McClain. He had previously served sentences for raping a 9-year-old boy and a 17-year-old girl. The first time he got out of prison, he violated parole by getting an internet connection, so he ended up getting sent back to prison. The second time he was released, McClain was caught distributing child porn through the mail.

    While serving time for the child porn charges, McClain decided that he was a woman and changed his name to July Justine Shelby. Being a child rapist, Shelby was probably not having a great time in an all-male prison. So, he decided he had gender dysphoria, and he was a lady now. A giant, hulking, 6-foot-2 lady with a penis.

    McClain then put in a request to be transferred to a women’s prison. Judge Netburn issued an order that McClain be transferred to a women’s prison in New York. According to Sen. John Kennedy, the New York Board of Prisons asked Judge Netburn, “What planet did you parachute in from?”

    Netburn chastised the Board of Prisons and claimed that they were trying to violate McClain’s constitutional rights. Netburn argued that McClain’s medical needs were being denied by keeping him in a men’s prison because he was totally a girl now because he said so.

    Netburn overruled the Bureau of Prisons and sent the convicted serial child rapist to the women’s prison, so he could re-offend.

    Sen. Ted Cruz asked the obvious follow-up question to that, which is don’t the other women prisoners have a right to be protected from a giant “woman” with a penis? The hearing erupted into total chaos after that. The fill-in chair for the hearing that day prevented Senators from having a second round of questions with Biden’s nominees because things weren’t going so well. Cruz and Kennedy eventually ended up in a shouting match with the chair.

    The whole thing illustrates why it’s so important that Joe Biden be defeated in November. If he’s allowed to have another four years in office, just imagine the damage he will do to the country with nutty judicial nominees like these. (Not to mention four more years of runaway inflation, open borders, losing wars, etc.)

    Check it out as Laura Ingraham of Fox News runs some of the highlights from this chaotic hearing in which Democrats rushed to protect a transgender child rapist and the judge who loved him: