RFK Jr. Goes Full Left and Endorses Dems’ Radical Abortion-at-Birth Stance


    Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s recent statements have stirred controversy and dismay among Republican circles. While once seen as a potential beacon for disenchanted GOP voters, Kennedy’s vocal support for the Democratic Party’s stance on abortion has left many questioning his true allegiance.

    In a recent interview with former ESPN host Sage Steele, Kennedy made his position clear: he believes in unrestricted abortion rights, even up to the moment of birth. When Steele raised the question of whether there should be any limits on abortion, Kennedy remained steadfast, asserting that a woman should have the right to terminate her pregnancy at any stage, even in the final months.

    Kennedy attempted to justify his stance by framing it as a matter of personal autonomy, arguing that the government should not interfere with a woman’s decision regarding her own body. However, his position stands in stark contrast to the beliefs of the majority of Americans, who support limitations on abortion, particularly in the later stages of pregnancy.

    Despite acknowledging the tragic nature of abortion and its potential long-term effects on women, Kennedy maintained that the ultimate authority should lie with the individual woman rather than the state. This stance aligns closely with the Democratic Party’s platform, which champions unrestricted access to abortion as a fundamental right.

    Kennedy’s position reflects the broader trend within the Democratic Party, which has increasingly embraced extreme abortion policies, including late-term procedures and even infanticide. Despite claims to the contrary, many Democrats have supported legislation that allows for abortion at any stage of pregnancy without consideration for the well-being of the unborn child.

    The implications of these policies are disturbing, as they place the lives of innocent children at risk and undermine the fundamental right to life enshrined in the Constitution. By aligning himself with such extreme positions, Kennedy has revealed where his loyalties truly lie, and it is not with the principles of the Republican Party.