Oregon Woman Plunges 300 Feet Down a Cliff and Essentially Walks Away

Nicholas Steven / shutterstock.com
Nicholas Steven / shutterstock.com

63-year-old Rebecca Holley of Hillsboro, Oregon, is no stranger to hiking the rocky and remote section of the state she calls home. Joining some friends on one of the most treacherous hikes in the area, Dog Mountain, the group successfully reached the summit. Naturally feeling incredibly accomplished, the group started making their way back down. That’s when Holley lost her footing and stumbled.

Falling roughly 300 feet to the mountain’s edge, Holley told KATU that she remembered trying to grab something to stop herself and asking God for help. Yet, she wasn’t able to and landed solidly on the ground. Fortunately for Holley, while she was unconscious, an emergency room nurse happened to be at the scene. With the nurse refusing to leave until she was safely headed for care, Holley estimates her angel waited four hours with her.

According to a Facebook post from the Skamania County Sheriff’s Office, “Upon arrival to the patient’s location, rescue personnel found the injured hiker unconscious and unresponsive. Due to the steep terrain and medical condition of the injured hiker, a U.S. Army medical helicopter was utilized to hoist and recover the patient.” Taken directly to the PeaceHealth Southwest Washington Medical Center in Vancouver, Washington, she was able to be seen by doctors who have extensive experience in these kinds of accidents.

Emerging from an accident like this without serious injury is a sign of something bigger at work. For Holley, this was an incredible miracle. She asked for God’s help, and this may be proof that He clearly is working and listening. Getting an opportunity to survive such an injury is not something everyone receives, and despite the bruises and scratches, Holley seems determined to make the most of it.