Live Streamers Catch Legendary Hollywood Producer Trying to Pick up a 15-Year-Old

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A group of YouTubers has caught an elderly man in Los Angeles trying to creep on a 15-year-old girl—but it wasn’t just any elderly man. After the video went viral, observers identified the man as legendary Hollywood producer and screenwriter Herschel Weingrod.

The video first aired last Tuesday and was produced by YouTuber Vitaly Zdorovetskiy and some friends. The episode of “Catching Child Predators” found Weingrod chatting up the young girl in a restaurant.

When Zdoroveskiy confronts Weingrod, he immediately starts lying and changing his story. Weingrod first insists that his name is Boris, and he thinks the girl is 23. Before fleeing the restaurant, Weingrod finally admits that he knew she was 15.

With all the rumors that Hollywood is a cesspool of pedophiles and degenerates, this is certainly not a good look for the industry. Especially when you consider some of the films that Weingrod has worked on throughout his career.

He was the writer and producer of children’s films like ‘Space Jam’ and ‘Kindergarten Cop.’ This means that he had access to children throughout his career and that someone in law enforcement should probably take a look at his hard drive. The predators always go where the prey is.

The video is well worth watching, so you can see what happens at the end as the YouTubers are chasing Weingrod down the street and publicly shaming him for his degenerate actions: