Supreme Court is Going to Make the Difference


President Trump is not about to let the country fall victim to the most significant election heist the world has ever seen. His top lawyers maintain that they have found the proof that Joe Biden and his band of outlaws rigged the election. The problem they face is getting any judge worth their weight in gold to listen to the evidence.

So far, every judge that has refused to listen has been a liberal appointed bench warming. These judges will not even look at the evidence that has been brought to their benches. They are mirror imaging the media as they too refused to read through the paperwork handed to them. They are all in the plot to steal the election.

But the president is not done with his fight.

President Trump is taking the fight all the way to the Supreme Court. He intends to expose the massive criminal organization that was set up to steal the election. The American people deserve to have a fair and honest election process and not one that is taint with Democratic slime.

The path to the Supreme Court is starting to clear. In order for the issues to appear before the Supreme Court, there must be a path that starts at the lower court level and moves into the federal level. At that point, the case can be appealed to the Supreme Court, where four of the justices must agree to listen to the case.

The media loves to downplay the importance of the claims being made by President Trump. They love the fact that the election was rigged.

If it were a Democrat pursuing the matter, there would be stories all over the place outlining the evidence and the legal progress. But so far, there has been nothing but rejection on a massive scale.

The biggest case that has the best path to the Supreme Court is the Pennsylvania case. The state court was hard-pressed to even look at the evidence before throwing it out. But that court has a liberal base to it. But this is the case where Supreme Court rules that individual ballots were not to be counted, while other ballots could be counted.

The president is facing the issue of getting any court to recognize the number of fraudulent ballots needed to turn the election back to the president. Some believe that the 2020 election is lost, but the cases being fought in the courts continue their path to the Supreme Court.

Sidney Powell maintains that she has evidence of a massive fraud circle that could certainly turn things around. But the liberal courts do not want to look at her case either. The coverup by the liberals is happening on a massive scale.

Justice Alito is the judge involved in the Pennsylvania case. His order to separate out individual ballots will be the catalyst that keeps things in motion. But even the rejection of the cases by the lower courts are the rulings that are needed to keep things moving up the ladder.

The Supreme Court deals with a lot of cases that find their way to the top. The election issue has long-lasting ramifications that will undoubtedly affect the way that voters are treated at the polls and which ballots are accepted.

The liberal courts will not listen to the president’s case because they are in league with the Democratic Party. Those judges are not making decisions based on law, but rather on political lines. They believe that they must pass judgments based on the political beliefs of those that placed them there.

President Trump and his team have all the evidence that they need to kick Biden out of the way. They just need to find the court path to the Supreme Court. Every time a lower court fails in their job to listen to the evidence, that path gets wider.

It is just a matter of time before the Supreme Court gets involved and makes its own determination. President Trump was wise to move forward with installing his justices nomination and not waiting for the next administration. It will make the difference between fair and free elections or liberal controlled elections.