Jim Jordan Tells CNN an Answer They Did Not Want to Hear


The mass media loves trying to make President Trump out to be a weak leader. Every chance they have to tell a lie about how he is losing his fight or how he is being tossed around by the Democrats, the story is pushed on people. The latest wave of attacks focuses on how the president’s supporters are telling him to concede. But that is just not the case.

Republicans in the Senate are telling the president just the opposite. They see the fraud that took place, and they have noticed how the Democrats have swarmed to play down the accusations of rigging the election. They know that the future of the country is at stake, and they are not just going to sit by and let the liberals march in and take over.

One conservative Senator after another has told the president not to give up the fight. They do not want him to concede. The media wants people to think he is losing, but in fact, he is winning.

Manu Raju is a CNN reporter that had a chance to speak with Ohio Representative Jim Jordan. The reporter tried to get the champion of freedom Jordan to admit that the president is giving up. He was asked if the president should concede the election and let Biden take over the chair.

Jim Jordan is not a man that minces his words. When he makes a statement, he calls it as he sees it. The electors are set to meet in the coming weeks, and the media would just love it if they were given a sign that the president was going to stop his fight.

The 2020 election is not just about winning the White House. It is about the fairness and integrity of the election process. If President Trump were to back out now, no one would ever trust the system again. But that is precisely what the liberals want to see.

Jim Jordan answered with wisdom when he stated “no.” That one word is just enough to throw off the CNN reporter. The one-word reply was packed full of information that the media cannot seem to digest.

The largest issue that keeps coming up is the amount of fraud that was found. And it seems that there is more being discovered every single day. The blind media and self-denying liberals turn their heads, hoping that it all goes away. But the truth is that the pile stacking against them is getting larger every single day.

The media reports that every single case that the president has brought against the states has been lost. But the truth is that they are picking up speed. Senator Mike Braun stated that there is plenty of things to find and go through. But he also mentioned that if the Democrats are not stopped now, they will cheat every election in the future.

Braun stated that “I think when you say there’s nothing there, you’re going to have half of the country uncertain about what just happened, and disgruntled going into the future.”

Jordan sees the truth, but few people are just blinded enough to miss the obvious. CNN and others mentioned that “It is not unusual for a losing candidate’s most fervent supporters to take their case to the House floor – something that occurred after the 2016, 2004 and 2000 presidential races.”

The media also mentioned that “But it is unusual for the losing candidate to mount a weeks-long public campaign aimed at sowing discord and distrust over a pillar of democracy, something that Trump has done relentlessly since losing the race.”

CNN downplays the seriousness of the fraud by trying to dismiss the accusations as lies and a fantasy attempt to win. They are involved in the coverup, and the media will have to answer for their part in the crimes against the nation.

The media conveniently forgets that Hillary corrupt Clinton did much of the same thing when her party tried to contest the election. Except at that time, the election was fair, and she just lost because no one liked her.