Democrats Are Threatening to Destroy the F-35 Deal With UAE…It Must Be Passed Before Inauguration Day


All things are possible. President Trump has labored tediously concerning the sale of F-35 fighter jets to the United Arab Emirates. Democrats don’t approve of the idea and are hopeful that if Biden succeeds in stealing the election, he’ll put the nix on that malarkey.

But not so fast. That star hasn’t fallen just yet so they may not get their wish. There is an immense possibility of the deal being sealed while Trump is still the man in charge. A top defense official confirmed this.

Heidi Grant, head honcho of the Defense Security Cooperation Agency, and the person responsible for managing and overseeing all foreign arms sales, made it abundantly clear. “You ask if it’s possible? Absolutely it’s possible.” She added, “But we don’t control it.”

The $23-billion package slated for the monarchy is on its way to Congress for their show of hands. The package includes the sale of 40 F-35s, MQ-9 Reaper drones, and a grab bag full of other assorted bombs and missiles for those special occasions.

Democrats, along with other opponents of the sale believe it isn’t in anyone’s best interest because of UAE’s continued participation in the Yemen war being led by the Arabians. They are fearful of high-tech fighters weakening Israel’s current military edge over the region. An edge the U.S. has vowed to protect.

“The UAE F-35 package is much more [than] selling military hardware. It is about advancing a more stable and secure Middle East,” wrote Yousef Al Otaiba, the UAE ambassador to the United States, in a tweet aimed directly at Sen. Chris Murphy, D-Conn., who is trying his hardest to block the sale. “It enables the UAE to take on more of the regional burden for collective security, freeing US assets for other global challenges – a bipartisan US priority.”

In a Biden administration, the sale will be shot dead in its tracks, making it imperative it be completed prior to his inauguration day, should he get one. It bears noting how the Trump administration only offered the sale to UAE after it discussed its plan with Israel, who is already in possession of the identical aircraft.

Even if Congress were to take a bow and allow the sale to happen, there will still be a mountain full of bureaucratic red-tape before the sale of the Lockheed Martin-made fighter jets is completed. UAE will be required to submit an official letter of offer and acceptance to the State Department, and on and on.

R. Clarke Cooper, the assistant secretary of state for Political-Military Affairs, explained, “That does not have a particular set timeline. Obviously, when we work on LOAs, in any case, the partners certainly would like to see it done sooner than later, but it does not have date specificity.” So it really doesn’t matter how long the rigamarole takes so long as the sale is authorized while President Trump is still in the Oval Office.

While the sale is considered to be highly controversial, it would seem to only appear this way to the liberal-minded Democrats who for reasons unbeknown to anyone but them, are against it.

One can only assume their plan is to continue blocking the sale until Joe Biden takes office. At this point, Biden and his appointed crew will renegotiate the sale with the same cast of characters, full Congressional approval, and a hardy discount that taxpayers will have to make up out of their own pockets.

The identical sale that Trump should have made will then take place and the Biden administration will claim 100% credit for their crucial role in helping to preserve world peace.

Remember. You heard it here first.