Californians, Upset About Ridiculous Lockdowns and Absurd Taxes, Leaving in Droves


California’s annual growth numbers have finally been reported and the state is experiencing its lowest growth level in at least a century. The LA Times shared some numbers that are sure to surprise.

“The California Department of Finance, which monitors the state’s population data, found that between July 1, 2019, and July 1, 2020, California saw a net gain of only 21,200 new residents — a 0.05% growth rate not seen since 1900. As of July, the state’s total population was 39.78 million.”

Over that period, Los Angeles County reported a net loss of 40,036 people, more than any other county in the state,” their report reads. When state officials spoke about the numbers, they expressed a strong belief that the pandemic was responsible. Since people were not able to move as easily as they are accustomed to, the state did not see as many new residents.

The wildfires that devastated so many homes and businesses are also being held responsible. Lastly, the state also experienced a decrease of 14,000 when it comes to childbirth. This is all true but there is also a cultural aspect here that needs to be addressed. Oracle and Hewlett Packard have packed up and moved to Texas, as has Elon Musk.

These are not the only power players who have decided to leave the state. According to a poll that was taken last year, at least one-third of respondents said that they were considering leaving the state at some point. Republican residents are considered more likely to have considered a departure than Democrats.

The Associated Press spoke to a Republican who falls into that category. Matt Frinzi put together his own strategy for leaving San Francisco and he was more than happy to tell the AP about it.

“Matt Frinzi carried out his exit strategy on Tuesday when he finished packing up his BMW X3 and left his home in San Francisco for Reno, Nevada — a state that does not have an income tax. Frinzi has lived in California for 25 years, saying when he moved to San Francisco in the 1990s he thought it as “the premier city in the United States.”

Harsh words but we can see exactly where he is coming from here. People can only tolerate so much before they start to lose their sense of empathy. California is a state that asks a lot of its residents. All of these requests can wear on folks. “I wouldn’t give you a nickel for it now,” said Prinzi when asked about San Francisco.

Like many other residents of California, the draconian restrictions that were placed on people during the pandemic helped to make the decision for him. “Frinzi said he came from a working-class immigrant family in New Jersey, building a nice life in the medical business.

Now, with some in the state Legislature pushing for a new “wealth tax” on the state’s highest earners, Frinzi said it was time to leave. The coronavirus pandemic furthered his resolve to move, he said, because of “government overreach,” including the state ordering businesses like restaurants and hair salons to close,” says the Associated Press.

Prinzi knows good and well that he is going to be perceived as some sort of right-wing nut job. That’s why he addresses those allegations head-on. “You’re going to think I’m a right-wing kook. I’m really not. I’m a reasonable Republican,” Prinzi said. “I believe in the Constitution of the United States, and it’s unrecognizable in the state of California, particularly in San Francisco.”

California can continue to neglect what is being said by the most reasonable residents of their state or they can watch people continue to leave at astonishing rates.

Until the day comes when all residents’ concerns are treated with the same level of care, states like California are only going to experience more and more of this. Eventually, they are not going to have any residents to collect tax revenues from. We’ll see if their tune changes then.