Trump’s Top Lawyer Coming for Blood


The media is quick to downplay any victory that the president has concerning the election. They ignore the vast amount of evidence that is showing up, and they indeed are not reporting on the issue. Instead, they are trying to divert attention away from the fact that Joe Biden is about to be exposed as the world’s biggest cheat. The leftist media would have everyone believe that no evidence exists at all. But that is not what Rudy Giuliani is showing.

Trump’s personal lawyer was commissioned by the president to take the lead on the election fight. His mission is to expose the Democrats as being frauds and trying to steal the election of 2020. The media hates this man to the core because they know that he is going to get the job done.

Pennsylvania and Michigan are at the heart of the fight. On the night of the election, it was discovered that hundreds of thousands of votes all showed up at the counting centers with Biden’s name on them. Four different witnesses have come forward and testified that the stories are true. There were just enough ballots to turn the state of Michigan blue.

Giuliani stated that there are 632,000 illegal votes proven to exist in Pennsylvania’s count. All of these ballots were removed from the security envelopes before a Democrat and Republican could verify them at the same time.

The fight leader also has witnessed that he is preparing to speak when questioned about the Dominion software that was rigged to count Trump votes as Biden’s. This issue is so large that it needs to be solved now, or future elections are in jeopardy of being rigged.

Giuliani’s appointment comes on the backend of a few setbacks that Trump had. The idea of being nice in court was not going to make the difference. President Trump needed someone that could take the matter to the judge with force. Many of the setbacks happened by the pen of liberal judges.

Giuliani is a man that is used to going after mafia-style criminals. It stands to reason that he would be the favored choice to handle the terrorist left. Giuliani is the man that is going to put fear into the hearts of those involved in the fraud of 2020.

The media is attacking the man as he digs into the fraud pouring out of the wounds of the Democratic Party. When everything comes to an end, the people who orchestrated the attempted takeover of the American election will be discovered. And they will pay for their freedom.

CNN and the New York Times stated that “Giuliani’s now involvement has ‘vexed’ Trump campaign staffers and the White House.” And other secular media outlets reported without evidence or source that “As the group batted around options before the president, Giuliani interjected and derided them as insufficiently aggressive. Some in the room were taken aback.”

The sourceless attacks by the media are nothing new. They have been doing it against the president for the past four years. Their stories are full of facts that cannot be verified. And when questioned about their sources, the media will deem them as classified and private.

Every fake news media outlet pushes stories that no evidence exists. They tell people that no evidence has yet been found to prove fraud. They will be embarrassed again once the mountain of evidence is exposed, and the country is shown just how crooked the left has become.

There are several states that remain contested. It is in those critical states that the president is focusing his fight. Interestingly enough that these are the same states that stopped counting late into the night. These states had the fake ballots miraculously show up all with Biden’s names on them.

The American people deserve a fair election. The fraud and lies coming from the left will only continue if they are left to rule the White House. President Trump is doing the right thing by fighting for the rites of the people. After all, he was chosen in 2016 because he was a man that could be trusted.