Trademark of the Democratic Party is to Cheat


The looting and violence that led up to the election was a prelude to what was to come on November 3. The theft of personal property by Democratic supporters during fake protests was just the start of liberals ripping off Americans. The lies and deliberate disrespect for fundamental human rights defined their actions.

The Democrats took a page out of that violent book and applied it to the election. America’s free population saw the election get stolen and hijacked by a group of liberals that could not stomach another four years of Republican leadership.

Liberals without power are crazy people. They foam at the mouth and look for prey to sink their teeth into. Once they are in power, it takes a lot of effort to get them out.

The cancer of liberalism floods the Democratic Party. Their teachings and rhetoric ring in the young’s ears as they are reprogrammed to do the bidding of their taskmasters.

Now that the election is well over, it is becoming clear just how crooked they have become. These liberal states and counties did not think twice about harvesting ballots to the point that the vote count would exceed that county’s entire population. One would think that the media would have pointed this out. But, it was a liberal state, so they hid the deception.

Had a Republican tried to cheat, the media would have reported it until the coming new year. They would have demanded that the politician resign. But no such luck on the side of the Democrats.

A trademark of the liberal party is to cheat and toss out ballots. Many counties reported finding ballots cast for President Trump tossed in the dumpster. Not to forget that the liberals pushed for mail-in voting so they could hide all their fake ballots.

The left is about control. If they can get people to do what they want, they can manipulate just about anything. All they have to do is twist just a little bit of truth into a lie, and the hook is set. All they need is for someone to bite.

The Democrats designed a black-market style of voting. They sent out ballots to people that had been dead for years. They fought so hard in Texas for multiple drop locations to hide the massive number of harvested ballots that they had in their hands.

All they needed was to get their illegal friends to fill them out and turn them in. Those ballots were then taken to critical states where the race would be close. They were stored in the backroom until they were needed.

The cheaters even had their paid poll workers keeping Republicans from having access to the counting centers. Magic software was designed to count Republican votes as Democrats in at least 40 different Michigan counties.

Thumb drives magically appeared after the counting was done with enough votes for Biden just to pull ahead of President Trump. The lies continue to mount from the liberals and the media.

The voting integrity of the country is at stake. The Democrats have sent a clear message that they do not care about votes since they can now get away with manufacturing their own.

The people of America should not stand for this kind of blatant disregard for the right to vote. Too many people have died to keep America free. They do not care about lives that died for freedom only shows that they hate the country.

The United States stands for people that love freedom. Anyone that wants to change that is free to leave. The violent theft of the election was done while everyone slept for the night.

If the cheating and the illegal practices employed by the Democratic Party are not stopped now, they will get away with much worse things in the coming years.

Law enforcement agencies everywhere should be looking into these accusations with a vengeance. These are the people that tried to defund them and do away with law and order. The Republican Party is the party of law and order, and that brings hope to the American people.