The Joys of the Vaccine…Or Not


Joe Biden thought he was going to be able to swoop in and save the day with a mask mandate and a vaccine. After all, the Dems are turning to him to be the hero and defeat the pandemic. It’s not that easy, though. He may have even more struggles against him than Trump did.

The vaccine was supposed to be the answer. Once the vaccine is ready to go, it will make it possible to get the economy booming again. Life will go back to normal.

With word that the Pfizer vaccine has a 90 percent efficacy rate and that it could be ready for all Americans to take by April, it seems like we’re ready to go. Biden can be the hero that America needs him to be.

But, wait. The coronavirus vaccine may not be something that people are lining up to go get. One vaccine volunteer said that the side effects were worse than he could have imagined.

Glenn Deshields out of Austin, Texas volunteered for the trial. He told Fox & Friends that he’s fairly positive that he was given the vaccination and not the placebo. After the second injection, he showed that he had antibodies.

Second injection? It turns out that the vaccine may require a booster. This means that people who are terrified of needles will have to endure two pokes, not just one.

There were other side effects that Deshields talked about, too. There was a lot of pain at the injection site. He said that the side effects were more severe than he thought. This included a headache as well as fatigue to go along with the pain from the injection itself – and it continued for three to four days. The second injection had a similar effect, but the results were a bit more muted.

So, in order to get vaccinated for the coronavirus, you have to be prepared for two shots. It may also result in headaches, fatigue, and pain at the injection site for several days following the vaccine. For some people, that’s fine. They’ll line up and get the vaccine with no questions asked.

However, with side effects such as that and the need to get a second shot, not everyone is going to voluntarily go down to get the vaccine. This means that there are going to be countless Americans walking around who aren’t vaccinated.

Under Biden’s administration, it may be possible to slow the spread, but it could take many more months for the coronavirus to be eradicated entirely. Considering that some people are still refusing to wear a mask, even where there are mask mandates, there are going to be the stubborn ones who won’t go down to get a vaccine.

There’s also the anti-vaxxers. It has been estimated that 10 percent of the population find vaccines to be harmful – it’s why there are people who have refused the measles and smallpox vaccines for themselves and their kids. The likelihood of them suddenly lining up for the coronavirus is slim to none.

Biden may need to be hit with a reality check very soon. He thinks that a mask mandate and the upcoming vaccine is going to be all the country needs to get back on track. States with mask mandates are still seeing a rise in numbers. And if the vaccine does roll out by spring, there are going to be many Americans who will pass on taking it.

There’s also the overall efficacy of the coronavirus vaccine. Pfizer is saying that it’s 90 percent effective. That’s considerably better than the flu shot, but only if they’re accurate. And what about the other 10 percent?

We’ve got a long road ahead of us. As much as Biden wanted to be the hero of the pandemic, he jumped the gun just as Andrew Cuomo of New York did. He’ll have to learn the hard way that Trump knew what he was doing. He listened to the experts. The vaccine will help, but it’s not going to be the amazing solution the Biden/Harris administration was hoping for.