Software Used in 28 States Accused of Intentionally Altering Election Results


A recent President Trump tweet might be the most important one of his entire presidency. The voter fraud that has been perpetuated through the usage of Dominion voting machines is finally being addressed. The “glitches” that have been taking place with these machines throughout the course of the election are always working in favor of the Democrats.

We have yet to see any votes being switched from a Democratic candidate. That’s what makes Trump’s tweet so important. “It attempted to alter our election and got caught?” he said in a quote tweet that referenced the voting machines. Now, things are finally going to start heating up in a whole new way.

The president has attempted to restore order throughout the entire year but those pleas have fallen on deaf ears. All of his requests to restore the rule of law in America have led to this. After a year of watching the liberals run amok, they have now stolen the election away, in plain sight. Luckily, there is a president who is not willing to allow such chicanery.

If the GOP thought that they were going to get away with this, they do not know what they are setting themselves up for. Donald Trump is not the kind of man who lets things go. He does not let sleeping dogs lie, he does not let bygones be bygones. This is just the beginning of a very long fight and we hope that Biden hasn’t sent out for change-of-address forms yet.

The Democrats should also be prepared for some serious litigation. If there is one thing that both sides already know about Trump, it’s that he is no stranger to a courtroom. He has already promised “tremendous litigation” as a result of the election theft. No one should be resting on their laurels just yet.

Independent studies are also on the way and concerned citizens have been taking these responsibilities into their own hands. What are the Democrats going to do when these studies reveal what we have known all along? Thousands (if not millions) of votes have been taken away from Donald Trump and if this was the Democrats?

They would be rioting in the street and encouraging their voting blocs to burn everything to the ground. That’s not how the GOP prefers to conduct themselves, though. Trump is not trying to round up his voters and incite them to violence. He only wants a fair and unbiased election. This should not be an unreasonable request for any candidate.

As for the Democrats, this whole situation is a scathing indictment of their ability to win an election on their own terms. If they had not been able to cheat for all of these votes, how bad would the loss have been for them? It’s hilarious to think about how much they have benefitted from their sneaky and underhanded strategies. Maybe they should have rigged the elections for the Senate and House, too.

They have stolen the presidency (for the moment) but the Senate runoff races are going to be the next big theft. Stacey Abrams and her cronies are already working overtime in Georgia to make sure that this happens. As we speak, the state is embarking on their own recount of the presidential vote, by hand. This should help to restore some order and bring some of Donald Trump’s votes back home to their rightful owner.

Other states are sure to follow suit once they see the results of Georgia’s very important recount. Any state that knows they were engaging in ballot fraud should take the time to admit to their wrongdoing now. Perhaps President Trump will be willing to go easy on them if they are ready to step up to the plate now. The longer these states wait to admit to their crimes, the worse it is going to be for them over the long haul.