Social Media & Michigan AG Want to Suppress Video Showing Voter Fraud Training


Dana Nessel, Michigan Attorney General, has decided to send a cease and desist letter because of an inflammatory video that she is looking to suppress. Big League Politics shared exclusive content about the voter fraud that took place in Detroit. Poll workers were trained to engage in clear voting fraud and this is the type of clip that needs to be sent to all of the major media outlets.

Shane Trejo is the intrepid reporter who is bringing this one to everyone’s attention. He witnessed the voter fraud himself. Trejo believes that witness intimidation took place as well. Now, he is concerned that these actions are merely a precursor for something much worse. The letter is dated October 28, so these concerns have been presenting themselves for some time now.

The Michigan Attorney General is not even addressing the concerns that Trejo has raised, either. The letter is more focused on the perceived factual errors in his reporting and that is it. Detroit poll workers were trained to lie, cheat, and steal the election away. Why isn’t this the primary concern? They were even given training on how to handle any challenge from a Trump supporter.

None of this sounds like it’s on the up and up whatsoever. The workers were told to call 911 if anyone challenged them in the slightest. If anyone wanted to view the ballots, they were denied. No one was allowed to take a closer look at the tabulation process. The leaks also revealed another major concern.

Any ballots that were disputed or challenged were still submitted as normal ballots! That’s how desperate the leftists were to win. They stared four more years of Donald Trump in the face and decided that they would cheat as much as they had to. It would be funny if it were not so blatant (and the future of the nation wasn’t hanging in the balance).

Prominent Michigan activist Bob Cushman and incoming State Representative Steve Carra have filed a successful lawsuit of their own. Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson was their target. These allegations are explosive, to say the least. Poll workers were trained to engage in fraud and the information was kept away from the sources that matter most.

Twitter and YouTube users could have spread the word about this but they were never given the chance. Multiple independent witnesses have confirmed that the accounts are accurate. Poll workers who refuse any and all challenges from other concerned citizens should not be allowed to hold this level of sway over a presidential election. This is something that should go without saying.

COVID-19 has been used as an ongoing excuse throughout the course of this year. If the Democrats don’t want to play fair, they simply break out some form of flimsy reasoning that is in no way related to COVID-19. On one hand, this is annoying for anyone who likes transparency in the electoral process. On the other, the Democrats have been getting away with this behavior all year long.

What would be their motivation to stop now? They have successfully used the pandemic to get their way for some time. The party has fulfilled the prophecy from Donald Trump when it comes to voter fraud. It’s like they are actively trying to prove him right. Facebook groups that are taking it upon themselves to catalog the fraud that is occurring right now are also being sniped left and right.

Once President Trump is finally given the chance to fight back against these charlatans, they are going to regret all of the illegal activities that they have been participating in. These idiots are also painfully unaware of the consequences of being caught on tape. Cease and desist letters can be sent but these clips are going to remain online forever. Anyone who thinks otherwise is probably trying to remove urine from their backyard swimming pool as we speak.